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rear disc - 03 GMC

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Sep 16, 2007, 8:11 AM

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rear disc - 03 GMC Sign In

Anyone know? Not rocket science so I'm feeling pretty dumb. Doing rear disc brakes on my 03 GMC 1500 4x4. Passenger side - no problem. Driver side, can't get the rotor off. Seems to be hung up on the parking brake pads? Probably pounded on it too much. Can't see how to release tension on the parking brake. No star wheel slot. Thinking about getting a large gear puller but that's not the right answer. Need to get it done this AM. Thanks!

Tom Greenleaf
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Sep 16, 2007, 9:34 AM

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Re: rear disc - 03 GMC Sign In

Bro has a Tahoe and left rear parking brake was defective since new and GM won't own up to it. Spoke to GM engineering about this and they still wouldn't take any responsibility or suggest a repair as they had fixed it improperly twice already when under warranty.

To fix: The root of the problem is the hold-down clip on the driver's side is only correct for the passenger's side. It should be asymetrically opposite and OE was not. New aftermarket parts have been correct and called the hardware kit for the little drum/parking brake. If you can wobble the rotor it should come off. Turn forward and back while pulling and if that fails just cut the little "nail" type pin that goes thru that clip and get the damn thing off.

Notes: Don't mess it all up adjusting the cable as that just makes for more work later. Expect to need a new rotor. Remember this brake is static in real use so there is never a time when it drags to work which would keep the gun rust clean and I suggest doing that now and then for just a few seconds on any parking brake like this.

I can't be sure if this is the exact problem with yours but it looks smells and feels just like the one I went thru. You should only need to adjust this brake once from inside first - then at cable. What happened is the shoe tilted and wore itself out beyond where it could ever make contact again which results in no parking/emergency braking action.


Comment: Nice move GM, Ford and others. What were you jerks thinking about for even putting a disc brake on the back of a non sports car to begin with? There was nothing wrong with the age old way to do this but must have gotten side tracked thinking on you CadCam that this would be better somehow. Wrong! Ever wonder why you lose market share by the zillions to competition?


New User

Sep 16, 2007, 6:56 PM

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Re: rear disc - 03 GMC Sign In

Thanks Tom. All's well. I ended up renting a larger gear puller and it was off in 30 seconds. I was replacing all 4 rotors as they were badly rusted even on the outer edges of the friction surface. This is my first vehicle with rear discs. I wonder if the idea was to even out the braking more between front and rear. Either way, the rear pads were down to nothing and probably 3/8 left up front. Anyway they're all new now. Thanks again.

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