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1996 Chevy CK1500

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May 3, 2005, 4:48 PM

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1996 Chevy CK1500 Sign In

Does anyone know why this truck will not start when it is cold? Once it has been running, it runs fine. However, to get it started initially you have to spray carb cleaner or similar into the throttle body. Have not noticed this problem during the warmer months. Does it have to do with a sensor?

Please reply as soon as possible.


May 4, 2005, 2:10 AM

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Re: 1996 Chevy CK1500 Sign In

The possibilities are endless. Assuming your truck is equipped with TBI, remove air filter lid, observe injectors for fuel delivery while asst. cranks engine. The problem could be caused by too little fuel or even too much fuel. If no fuel, check fuel pressure, should be 9-13 psi. Check for injector operation with stethoscope. Is tailpipe emitting black smoke or do you smell a strong fuel odor? Check for spark at one of the plug wires. If these simple test fail to turn up a clue, you'll need a scanner. Possible causes include O2 sensor, ECT, injectors, fuel pump, ignition module, EGR valve, EST, or wiring.

If truck is equipped with CSFI, check for fuel pressure, should be around 50psi. Check for spark. Check for strong fuel odor while cranking. If strong fuel odor, could be CSFI unit. To check, remove upper intake manifold, check for fuel puddling in lower manifold. Before any serious disassembly, check all the basics, perform scan test. If simple checks and observations fail to turn up a culprit, it might be worth paying a pro $50-75 bucks to look at it.

Let us know what you find. We LOVE feedback, except when it's a feedback carb.


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