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PA State Inspcection Question

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Feb 1, 2016, 5:24 PM

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PA State Inspcection Question Sign In

Any PA mechanics here?

Got dinged for a missing mirror on an F150. The mirror was passanger side, the little 'fish eye' mirror underneath the main mirror. The main mirror was intact.

Shop said it had to be replaced.

Vehicle has cap with obstructed rear view, side mirrors are both > 19.5 in^2.

Read motor vehicle code, just blandly says that if a factory installed mirror is installed it muse be present to pass inspection.

Elsewhere, it defines side mirrors as merely being > 19.5 in^2.

So, should it have failed? According to the shop, if it had come from Ford with 10 mirrors a side, and one was missing, it fails.

Tom Greenleaf
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Feb 1, 2016, 11:32 PM

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Re: PA State Inspcection Question Sign In

What model year is this?
Many places will not allow missing OE safety items like where I am, MA but trucks are a different category as you an buy just a cab and put whatever back on you need still with proper lighting and mirrors can be non OE and pass but you said broken - that's a fail.
Some states it's country by county, some the entire state for things. Emissions here must be OE even if now VERY old no alterations.
Look up PA's DMV site for the check list and specs to pass for the model year.
Being a truck you should be able to find OE looking aftermarket exact fit parts and for trucks see the add on extended mirrors but not so sure you are supposed to go get inspected with all things you might do with a truck. What if you went in with a load a hay piled to the sky?
Can't say for each spot of each state but items must be intact and comply like even the cap no doubt had to be DOT approved,



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