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Which 2 cars? 87 Chevy Sprint Turbo, 87 Civic, 92 VW GTI 16v

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Anonymous Poster

Nov 26, 2006, 8:27 PM

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Which 2 cars? 87 Chevy Sprint Turbo, 87 Civic, 92 VW GTI 16v Sign In

I have an option to buy back a car I sold just a month ago. I have been very regretful (OK, extremely) about selling it. I sold my 87 sprint Turbo that I had since 92. It had 188k but man did it run strong, never burned oil, and was not only a hoot to drive but easy to park and sipped gas.

It needed a switch for the headlights as they would occasionally shut off and I would need to switch them on again as they went out. The other thing is a new temp gauge switch as it no longer read temp. Seems they are pretty sheap repairs ot have done before I drive it out state though?

Trouble is, it is in San Jose CA where I used to live and I will need to registar it here in PDX OR where I live now. Not too big but I have a 92 GTI and a low mileage Civic DX from 87 to registar as well. New titles in OR will run $150 a car. 2 cars are fine. 2 are OK by the fiance as well. She is part of my wanting to tone it down to 2.

What 2 cars would you recommend holding onto? The Fun reliable 87 Turbo Chevy Sprint, a very well taken care of 92 VW GTI 16v that is also fun, or a rather dull but low mileage due to being towed behind my Grampa's motorhome 87 Carburated (I need to warm it up in the colder climate more than I did in CA) and Auto trans (read; SLOW) DX model Civic?

I already have a plane ticket for San Jose to get the Sprint on the 29th of NOv just next week and have arranged a payment to buy the Chevrolet Sprint back from the owner, a guy that bought 2 other Sprint Turbos he is fixing up (so he can cope with it going back to me).
I would need to drop it off to get the 2 switches at a mechanic, and I might want a basic tune up and possibly a general looking over before the 600 mile trip.

I could just visit. I have a lot of nervousness that it might be a car I will never find again. The turbos are very rare. They are also quite reliable. I had this one since 92 so I know a lot about where it has been in life.

Some history:
87 Sprint Turbo- New turbo, shocks, and clutch and distributor around 125k. Has functioing cc. New muffler, tires, front rotors, and cat converter all within last 6 months.
Needs: light and temp switches, r defrost doesnt work, a/c went (compressor) but I dont care.
What I like: Fun to fling around, steering is nice and light and tossable. The MPG. Fast. Tires cost little to replace. It is a neat and unique car and I find the exterior attractive.
Always 3k oil change.

87 Honda Civic DX-Automatic, A/C, 88k on car and over half those miles motorhome tow mileage, grampa bought it new in 87 and I received it last yr. A little knocking of steering wheel at stops tells me it might need brakes soon. The horn is inopperable and the fuse didnt seem to help.
What I like: history of one family owner that took good care of it. Runs very well. Doesnt need much to make nice.

92 VW GTI 16v- 167k. Had since 2000. New motor mounts, tune up, gear bushings, falken low profile tires and just about the whole cooling system (hoses, radiator, doghouse cooler). Has had the distributor recently replaced, axle, and wheel bearings. High performance TT exhaust. Neuspeed cam. Shift kit and Momo wheel are some of upgrades.
Needs: Buzz in stereo that matches idle (??), the headliner is drooping and needs to be replaced.
Always 3k oil change and has excellent compression

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