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After the repairs are done...

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New User

Apr 24, 2019, 8:01 AM

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After the repairs are done... Sign In

2011 Chev Equinox, 3.0L V6

I had some issues with my vehicle a couple weeks ago, check engine came on, vehicle went into limp mode (no power to engine on acceleration). Took it into dealership for service.

Problem was found to be a wiring harness had been rubbing and chafing on the power steering pump pulley, worn through and was shorting out, blowing fuses.

The mechanic noted on work invoice that the harness was affixed with aftermarket parts (zip ties) and noted that the were signs of previous repairs. 2.5 years ago, the power steering pump blew on me, and that dealership did the work, which leads me to believe that this issue I just had repaired was caused by someone improperly reinstalling things on and around the pump.

I have been in contact with the dealership, they seem to understand the problem wasn't something I caused, but I've been patiently awaiting the service manager to call me to resolve the situation.

I've been polite with everyone I've talked to, not kicking and screaming, just letting them know that this repair shouldn't have been necessary and cost me $900 (including renting a vehicle).

I did receive a call from the 2nd in command service manager, but when I told her the situation, she couldn't make the call on whether they will reimburse me. She said she would forward this to the actual service manager, but I've yet to hear back. I waited a week to actually get the first one on the phone after a few voice mails and numerous calls that went straight to voice mail. It was Easter and she took a couple extra days off, no big deal.

I'm wondering if I should keep hounding this lady to push my concern with the manager until I get him on the phone, or just let them do their job and wait for contact?

If I'm in the wrong place, and this isn't in the spirit of the forum, I do apologize. But if anyone has any words of wisdom, I will be grateful.


Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Apr 24, 2019, 9:37 AM

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Re: After the repairs are done... Sign In

You could always elevate the problem to the district level. You usually get better results when they get involved.


We offer help in answering questions, clarifying things or giving advice but we are not a substitute for an on-site inspection by a professional.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Apr 24, 2019, 9:43 AM

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Re: After the repairs are done... Sign In

It's unfortunate IMO that you even needed the PS pump that brought this on to begin with, now this? 2+1/2 years? Tough call if you must rent a car (many give you a car if high end like many dealers) that cost hidden a bit they are more costly.
The original harness and how held probably all broke not the surprising stuff is jammed in so tight comes to a tech's decision on altering it perhaps should have said so then - I would have made a notation at least.

There are better and plain lousy "zip ties" heat and strength rated might exceed OE stuff actually make an improvement? Can't say. IMO just too much time has passed without a problem now to really expect serious money back - MY OPINION not the world's.

How is the repair now just looking at it? Nice and all hidden and out of harm's way? How many hours were you charged for this is diagnosis first then time to do it wouldn't be (IMO again) some listed time because I don't know how lousy it was done the first time.

At best no harm in asking you went there before. Also noted you didn't say I had to look where signal came from the Alberta just can't be very vehicle friendly just call it harsh conditions add insult to injury bet rock salt is used it is where I am makes everything harder to do. This no doubt was actual time charged no book on it hope it's fixed now.
I wouldn't be happy either so default to you should have been told the first round that it was altered a bit and maybe watch that assertively or ask that it be watched.

Can't decide this one too much time went by so think you'll be stuck for the whole expense is my guess?


New User

Apr 25, 2019, 8:43 PM

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Re: After the repairs are done... Sign In

I'm still waiting to receive a call back, going on 3 days now. I'm a bit handcuffed about the situation the last couple of days. Meaning, if I call, leave a message while I'm on a break, and then hope for a phone call while working, and I can't just stop working to take the call.

As far as how the repairs look now. I couldn't say. When I pop the hood, all I see is a big plastic cover over the engine, as with most newer vehicles.

I couldn't tell you where the power steering pump is on my engine. I'm a machinist, not a car guy. Given enough time, I could repair things, but since it's the only one I have, I'm pretty much forced to take it to a repair shop when something goes wrong.

That's where the trust has to be in taking it to a dealership, who you think would be the ones to do a quality job. Not always the case, but there again, a large volume dealership, should stand behind their service, even 2.5 years down the road. It kinda seems like these guys have been avoiding me, knowing that their mistake cost me money, and they might lose some. Not calling me in a timely manner, they may just think that I'll forget about it and they'll be Scott free.

That's why I'm asking for an opinion of whether I should keep on them. How many times should I call them before they get the hint I'm not going away? Once a day, twice a day, once an hour? If there's no response, perhaps I send a little message to them that I will contact GM Canada or BBB, that's the "nasty" I don't want this to get to. Even if they say I won't get anything, any decision, I can live with it. Not hearing anything from them, just leads me to believe that they know I've got them cornered, and they just want me to forget about it.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Apr 26, 2019, 2:18 AM

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Re: After the repairs are done... Sign In

OK - Still just a bummer of a situation. The 3 years counts a lot if a used vehicle was sold it's over now about how it was. That time could mean the same people aren't even there so a rock and hard place. On paper they win by time it said so on paperwork/bill from when done.

Then we both feel it's just not right or good biz practice just skip the bill they already knew they did it.
Rock and hard place again. Who pays the tech this time they don't and just can't be there it costs to take up space!
It's just unfortunate all around. You didn't do anything wrong and strong guess the tech the first time isn't going to be paid or maybe not allowed to spend a whole day fussing with how wires are help in a harness tie up the whole show there. That's their problem but is a problem.

You do what you do, others do what they do is the way of the world. If you or your company screwed up constantly you'd be out of work same game different ball field.

Now you are getting the silent treatment is just waiting you out till you give up it's not worth it to squabble over some of the expense without just some "morality" about it to just do the right thing BUILDS a strong reputation whatever it is.

As Hammer said you could try to move up to a district manager with a quick easy outline and copies of what exists and hope it ends otherwise I doubt you'll get anything or if you do take you more time, call, papers or go legal and everyone loses.

You are right if no word in a couple more days just register your complaint for others like the BBB and or others on the web rate your experience and a biz and move on.

If this place is so big, the truth is you and your troubles don't really matter to them so maybe find another place that would be free to spent too much time the first time at a loss perhaps to just do it perfectly. It just isn't that common out there you can still look chances seem better with independent shops and people who have been around a long time.

It's off the exact topic but related. I worked for two places a new car dealer and an independent was the only tech so dang much to fix was out of control and slow such that every one left to my liking it was the 18 hour days I couldn't take and being rushed over some stupid thing to do it better hold things up. Left and went out to do it my way make or lose $$ just do it right or don't take on that work up front - say so.

The flip side is lousy customers always looking for a free way out or super cheap prices and ticked if anything cost a dime can't deal with that either go somewhere else please.

Good luck for any satisfaction but think it's just going to take up so much time the end all it isn't worth it, move on yourself try not to allow whatever bull like this to happen again as best you can.

You asked, that's my opinion on this matter think I know how it all happened - everything rushed so is way to much stuff no matter what it is, is just not working out well for the longer run of anything,


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