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3 Months Oil Change Recommended

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Oct 19, 2008, 9:33 AM

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3 Months Oil Change Recommended Sign In

My Hyundai Accent 2002 GS has a whopping 48,000 KM's on it! It runs like a dream.
Hyundai Canada and local auto shops recommend that I get the oil changed every 3 months (because I NEVER meet the mileage requirements). This seems excessive indeed! My last car, a Ford, recommended an oil change every 6 months. This seems more reasonable. How often do I really NEED to get the oil changed (filter, etc.). Is recommending every 3 months just a marketing gimic to get the public to spend more and more money?

Tom Greenleaf
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Oct 19, 2008, 4:02 PM

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Re: 3 Months Oil Change Recommended Sign In

I hear you. If you have one of those 10 year warranties on this car I suggest keeping up with exactly what it says in the car's manual for intervals. Just re checked an owner's manual and it did allow for 6 month intervals under certain non extreme use - check yours.

The basic standard is the 3,000 mile (4,800km) and or 3 months WHICHEVER COMES FIRST. If your car is garaged and carefully driven without any extemes listed in the manual I say it's fine to extend the interval but it may be an issue with warranty so double check that.

If it's off warranty and your judgment only at hand then I would allow the 6 month thing with routine monthy checks no matter how many miles are put on the vehicle. There are things to check more often in my opinion than the suggestions manuals may give other that just oil and filter changes. Tire rotation really helps promote even tire wear too.

All fluids should be checked with rigorous regularity. Tire pressure checked monthly and spare tire shouldn't be neglected either. Take note of any fluid that is low and especially tire pressures if one or more is different and find out why. Tire pressures are temp sensitive to a point.

I never see the suggestion to lube locks and hinges/latches which really about prevents their failures.

Time does affect belts and hoses as well as miles so they are also on my list to check and or plain replace at a certain age. Batteries frequently state 60-72 month ratings for life but I suggest early replacement - like every three to not more than four years. Perhaps not this car but keychain remote batteries should be replaced on a schedule also as they are more and more involved in other funtions.

As for oil and filters I really stress importance of quality products. I also prefer synthetic motor oils.

Transportation is expensive and worth the periodic attention to maintenance items,


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