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Replacing a transmission on a 1995 Dodge RAM 1500

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New User

Dec 3, 2008, 3:34 PM

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Replacing a transmission on a 1995 Dodge RAM 1500 Sign In

ram 1500 4wd
5.2L V8
229,975 miles

SUM OF PROBLEM-->Transmission died so i bought a replacement but its not the same Unsure

NOT ACTUAL PROBLEM JUST BACKGROUND------>my transmission stopped working becos ATF came out of a hose when the hose popped off. i replaced the hose but due to my limited auto knowledge i thought it was coolant and did not replace the ATF. i ran it for 1 day with very little ATF and then replaced the ATF the following day. i was on my way somewhere and the truck would shift all of a sudden and just reved high. finally after gasing on and off it shifted and i made it about 500 feet from my destination at which point my truck coasted to a stop and my transmission was useless. no gear worked.

ACTUAL PROBLEM------>i bought a 1998 used transmission to replace my 1995 dead transmission. after long hours attempting to take it out i finally succeeded and placed the dead one near its replacement. as i did this i first noticed a difference. the replacement is about 4-7 inches shorter than the dead one and also has different plugs then the dead one. this is quite dissapointing and i greatly require knowledge on whether or not there is a way to make this new transmission work.? is it possible to switch the back halves of the transmissions? is there a way to overcome the electrical differences? how much different is a 95 from a 98?

IMPORTANT INFO--> 1995 transmission has the numbers 064-4 on it and the 1998 transmission has the numbers 064-12 on it

Thank you for your help!

Veteran / Moderator
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Dec 3, 2008, 4:11 PM

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Re: Replacing a transmission on a 1995 Dodge RAM 1500 [In reply to] Sign In

The 95 is OBD 1. The 98 is OBD II. Only way to make them compatable is to change the sensors. I would see if you could find the correct year so it is a direct fit.The difference in length is your problem. It will take more work than it is worth to make it operate correctly.

Being way2old is why I need help from younger minds

Replacing a transmission on a 1995 Dodge RAM 1500

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