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90 Subaru Legacy LOTS of problems!!

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Apr 26, 2006, 2:28 PM

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Ok, my fiancee has had this car for about 4 years, and has put about 25k miles on it, making it 77k lifetime. She is not exactly "gentle" when she drives, and never took it to shops or anything for checkups, just had her Grandpa change the oil every 3k or 4k miles. I am by no means car savy, but we are on a tight budget, and I am wondering what to do, or even if its worth it..
So, heres the problem. In November we started having battery problems. I figured out the door light wasnt turning off, so I put a temporary fix on that. Then, when I would corner sharply, at low and high speeds, it felt like the front wheels were "jumping", like cornering hard with 4WD on when you dont need it. Also, it feels like its going to die when it corners hard sometimes. I checked the powersteering fluid, and it seems fine. Then, one day, she drove it to work, and called me and said the RPM gauge stopped working, and it was "shifting funny". I had her park it until I could get to it... well, that was 4 months ago, and I finally got to it. I had to buy a new battery since the old one wouldnt even take a charge, and once I put it in, all those things are still wrong, AND MORE!! The RPM gauge doesnt move, it wont shift past first (reverse is fine), NONE of the power windows work, nor the power seatbelts. Radio, locks, and lights are fine tho. It still "jumps" at times when cornering sharply, but doesnt feel like its going to die. The belts sound funny to me, but like I said, Im not a car guy, so I could be hearing normal things for all I know. Oh, and now there is a funny clunking sound from the front-right whenever I turn either direction...
Any ideas on what might be wrong or how much it would cost? Anything would be great!
Thanks for reading

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Apr 26, 2006, 4:12 PM

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Re: 90 Subaru Legacy LOTS of problems!! Sign In

That's a lot a trouble eve for a 16 year old car. It probably needs an half shaft (like a driveshaft) for the steering.

What really concerns me is you said is won't shift out of low gear. I can't be certain but that could mean a trans overhaul - big bucks. The electrical problems could be just fuses or a nightmare.

Two suggestions for this car:

1. Get a shop to estimate all repairs.

2. Cut your loss and get out before you spend a fortune.

This seems like too much to fix on a web site and everyone loves it. Come back and tell us all how or what you did/decided. T

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