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2001 honda crv with 170000 miles and a partly working transmission

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Nov 10, 2013, 7:01 PM

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post icon 2001 honda crv with 170000 miles and a partly working transmission Sign In

hello my 2001 honda crv with 4sp auto trans isnt moving very well.

lest start at the beginning.

about a month ago the transmission started to go. it was slipping badly and when you would start moving from a stop the engine would rev up to about 3000rpm and the car would very slowly began to move forward. it would take maybe a good 30 seconds to get up to 30mph with the petal floored the whole time the engine would stay at about 3000 rpm. so i did a fluid change my self (im a fairly good mechanic so all repairs and maintenance i do my self) the tranny gave the ghost a week later. i removed and disassembled the transmission. i discovered that the clutch pack for i beleave 1st gear was toast, basically melted together. i cleaned everything and installed new clutches and steels, then reassembled the tranny and put it back in the car. its still doing the same thing. plus it has developed a new symptom. its as if the transmission is put in neutral after about a minut or 2. so not only is it hesitating to get up and going but after it dose get going it disengages from the engine some how. it makes no difference if its put in first and allowed to idle forward at almost a crawl (ill get about 50 feet if i do that) or if i put it in drive and i hammer it (if i do this it usually disengages at 40mph sih in maybe 1500-3000 feet). and i have tried every conceivable combination in between. once it dose this you can push on the gas all you want and the engine will rev but none of the power gets to the tires. i can let the care coast to a stop or hit the breaks and stop but nothing will get it to move after this happens no matter what gear i put it in or how long i sit and idle in any gear including park and neutral. the only thing i have found to get the car moving again is to shut off the engine and wait about 8 to 10 minutes (any sooner and the car still wont move) then start it and put it in gear. ive checked the fluid level and its just fine. im thinking that maybe the shift control solenoids or the torque converter lock up solenoids are bad and that maybe thats what caused the clutch pack for first gear to burn up (all other clutches in the transmission looked almost brand new when i was rebuilding it.) im pulling my hair out anybody have any idea why this is happening?

and on a side note it will take off with no problem in first or 2nd gear but in drive it hesitates to get going weather i floor it or not ( turning on and off overdrive makes no difference)

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Nov 11, 2013, 5:47 AM

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Re: 2001 honda crv with 170000 miles and a partly working transmission Sign In

Did you replace the seals, inspect the valve body, and do air checks? You should have replaced the solenoids if you were doing a rebuild. Sounds like you fixed the effect and didn't determine the cause. I suggest you let a transmission shop handle this.

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