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1998 Mustang Transmission Problems

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Apr 7, 2010, 9:42 AM

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1998 Mustang Transmission Problems Sign In

I am having problems with the transmission on my 98 Mustang. Starting on Sunday the transmission started slipping in 1st gear occasionally and I heard this loud screeching noise when accelerating in 1st gear as well. When it kicks into 2nd gear, the noise goes away. This got worse and it has been slipping really bad and more often. I had the filter replaced and had the transmission fluid drained and new fluid put in with a bottle of Lucas. It seemed a little better afterwards but it's gotten back to how it was again, slipping/jerking really bad in 1st gear and the noise is still there. It also started slipping in 4th gear really badly as well. Last night it slipped when shifting to 4th gear and the O/D off light started flashing. Today the light was off again and it is still doing the same thing.

I remember about a month ago it slipped/jerked really bad once when shifting to 4th gear but other than that I hadn't had problems with it. Now here's the thing. This car has 65k miles on it and it has already had the transmission rebuilt by the previous owner(well, they had a shop rebuild it). If a warranty came with it they don't have it anymore and it'd probably not be valid anymore anyway, because it's been a couple years I think. I'm wondering, am I going to want to get this rebuilt again or am I just going to have to get a brand new transmission put in since it was already rebuilt and there is problems again. Whatever is the cheapest route would be best for me but I don't want the tranny to mess up again any time soon. Also, when the guy changed the transmission fluid/filter, etc. there were a lot of metal chips/shavings in the pan and he said they were really big compared to what is normal.

I just looked up info about a bad torque converter and this sounds EXACTLY like what I am experiencing. One of the things said it might cause reduced acceleration/lack of power and this is one of the things I've noticed.

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Apr 7, 2010, 7:38 PM

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Re: 1998 Mustang Transmission Problems Sign In

Well, is definitely sounds like you have some internal problems going on and the trans is going to have to come out......

I can relate to being on a budget, but cheapest route and best job aren't in same sentence. That would be the same as most power & best gas mileage.....

2 trannys in 65k is a little excessive, I don't know all the fact and it is a 12 year old car.....The thing with low mileage cars is the maintenance really needs to go off time & not miles. Most maintenance schedules have both mileage & time. Time can be a worse killer than miles on some systems.........

You have to do what you can afford but just realize that cutting corners now can cost you down the road.... Not flushing the system, using an old converter, etc..... It does make the bill cheaper today....but this isn't the best job.....

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