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12 Fiesta Transmission Recall

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New User

Mar 27, 2017, 2:07 PM

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12 Fiesta Transmission Recall Sign In

Hey I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta (1.6L), ~99000 miles.
I'm one of the unlucky ones you've read about in the papers who ended up having problems with the automatically-shifting manual transmissions they put in the first wave of those newer Fiestas. ('Duel Clutch' or whatever it's called)
From what I understand the problem is that (basically) either the computer is sending bad signals to the transmission or the transmission is unable to respond to the signals the computer sends out. Either way what I get is grinding and jerking when the transmission tries to switch gears when I accelerate.
It was out on recall and I've taken it into the dealership at least a half dozen times. Since it seems to be a computer problem, they reprogrammed the thing several times, with no luck, and finally replaced the clutch. Except that still didn't work, so they replaced it again. I'm now on my third clutch, and no dice.
So then I took it to a transmission specialist, who told me the problem was the valve body. He said it's not an electrical problem, since all the sensors would've lit up the dash if it was something of that nature...and something along the lines of 'the clutch is just doing what it's told; you need to dig deeper into the transmission.'
Since this problem has been going on for so long, I'm starting to worry about the deeper damage that's being done (and has already been done) to the innards of my transmission. All that grinding can't be good for the gears or any of the other interconnected parts inside of it.

So I'm basically coming here with a few questions.
1. Ford recently extended the warranty to 10/100,000. I'm scheduled for an appt next week and I want to be able to reason with them when I show up. I figure I basically need a new transmission at this point but am not expecting them to just hand it to me. If they're going to push back a little, what do I say? I'm wondering specifically what the connection is between the bad computer (or the solenoids or whatever), the trashed gears that I now have, and the valve body, I guess in order to be able to build my case for needing a new transmission.
2. A replacement transmission (I'm assuming) is going to be the same model as the old one. So I might just be looking at the same damned problems in another 20/30,000. Is there any way around this? Is there any way to ensure I get some equivalent part from another vehicle that will fit in my car and not break down like the old one did?

Many thanks for your help


Mar 27, 2017, 5:49 PM

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Re: 12 Fiesta Transmission Recall Sign In

Still learning about these transmissions, there are 2 shafts inside the trans, one for the odd gears and one for the even gears. When you are in first gear, the transmission is already in 2nd, when the transmission actually shifts to second there are solenoids that apply and release the duel clutch(odd and even). If the transmission has a pressure problem or mechanically clogged solenoids it can cause shifting issues. Do you have an issue in all gears or just the 1-2 shift? Do you know if there are any codes present for the transmission? Was the trans computer changed? Gary

New User

Mar 28, 2017, 10:23 AM

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Re: 12 Fiesta Transmission Recall Sign In

Hello, many thanks for the reply.

* Yes, my problem is only in 1st & 2nd gear
* I took the car to a trans. shop and the tech told me there are no codes, also that it is time to replace the tranny
* I don't have the paperwork, so I can't confirm, but I believe yes the TCM was replaced, as I believe the order of repair was: reprogram (3 or 4 times), replace TCM, replace clutch, replace clutch

New User

Apr 17, 2017, 2:13 PM

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Re: 12 Fiesta Transmission Recall Sign In

Hey update.
Ford balked at my request for a new transmission, and it turns out that even if they agreed to replace it, it wouldn't have mattered because the factory remands are on backorder for forever. My mechanic called around town to all the transmission shops he works with, thinking maybe I could get a rebuild, but every single one of them refused to even give me an estimate. So, looks like it's time to trade 'er in

Still wanted to thank the staff here for running such an easily accessible and user-friendly forum

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