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audi a3 2002

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New User

Feb 16, 2017, 10:11 PM

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audi a3 2002 Sign In

Hi i recently bought a used audi a3 2002 model 1.8l 8 series
I was told that i needed to regas the aircon because it was not working.
I thrn proceeds to go to a mechanic shop and get it regased after waiting for 20mins he
Notfied that it had been regased but their was no pressure and that i needed yo change my air compressor
He then drained everything out again and charged me 100. He said he can do it form e for 1000 including the part
Now when i turned on the aircon normal air flows in at a very good rate and when i change the speed the flow changes as well but the air is only normal not hot nor cold.
So my question is if the pump needs changing then where is the flow of air coming from?
What should i do?
I can get my friend who is a mechanic to install a pump for mr and i can get one for $100 then i have to regas it for 145 again or i can get someone to test the problem for $110 then if it is the pump get the pump and regas? What are ur recommandations ?

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Feb 17, 2017, 1:33 AM

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Re: audi a3 2002 Sign In

Quote you ">>What are ur recommandations ?<<"
Chances are a lot of the system is wrecked NOT just a compressor. It's not a DIY nor even non professional area of work or thing just get worse and more expensive.

2002 Audi? Do you really need A/C at all? If so you seriously need a full professional diagnosis and estimate to fully fix it which in an Audi this old is highly likely to exceed the value of the vehicle vs the costs.

A/C is a whole and invasive system to the car and not cheap to have working properly and trying to short cut the job will just waste money and time,


New User

Feb 17, 2017, 2:29 AM

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Re: audi a3 2002 Sign In

Thank you i am in aus syd very hot out here i will take ur advice on board. Quick question but if the compressor has no pressure how much i am still getting normal air which i van change the speed of ? Woulsnt i need a working compressor for any aor flow? I am putting my money on the milage as it has onlycdone 105k which very good that because of that it was looked after and only used as a second car. I did check for its history and the millage was not clocked back so i am praying that who ever owned this before me were good driver also the interior of the car is extremely good. But thank you again for ur advice

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Feb 17, 2017, 3:23 AM

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Re: audi a3 2002 Sign In

OK and understand need for serious good working A/C for much of AU this time of year especially. You need to just understand that just a compressor is ONE part of an entire system that must all work properly such that it's "ALL OR NOTHING" to provide you with cool air.

All by itself it is it's own field of expertise. You just need to know that a compressor is the heart of a system much like a human heart still needs the rest of the human body to all work in cooperation. No heart working then the other parts you need die or fail. That's the problem.

You can't just put a new heart in a dead system which isn't known yet. It's leaking terribly by your post on this. That's actually common over time and use. Thankfully it's a car not a human and the car can still be used without working air conditioning if it comes to that which isn't known yet if it costs more than changing out vehicles for one that's less invasive than Audi would design into their cars. VERY COSTLY as debris from this failed part contaminates the rest of the system.

People will try products to seal leaks and make it work again and can but in doing that the next fix when that fails is thousands of $$AUS even to be considered.

This isn't known yet. Only a professional shop with proper diagnostic equipment to isolate leak for certain plus make the call on how much more it will need to operate properly so this isn't a constant expense. A total failure can serious ruin the new parts just installed so a horrible expense is entirely possible all over again and again if not done properly.

Understand the equipment and training to do this properly is enormously expensive and lots of training plus experience such that it ends up costly for you.

You are unlikely to pay for all this equipment AND understand how to use it all - years of training and understanding. This would out cost the whole car new! With that it just not a DO IT YOURSELF job to even diagnose!

Everything could be quite reasonable to get this fixed properly. It might be a whole system has failed or clogged up so quick fixes just won't work but still cost you.

This is why I have to suggest you find the right shop or person who can do this and does it routinely. Not all shops will service/repair A/C at all as it's so costly just to do it.

Question for you: You speak of miles not kilometers on this car while cars meant for use in Australia would be all right hand drive and metric measurements. So is this car imported to AU from another place? That will just complicate some things.
If this car was meant for the UK it would be using "miles" not kilometers and still be right hand drive.

In short I still suggest if this car overall is still worthy for many more years and miles to get a professional to estimate what it will take to put it back in order so YOU can decide what to do.
Side topic on my experience: I'm from a 4 season area outside of Boston, USA. It gets both super hot and super cold but not hot for long. Most folks would choose to keep the car and just save the money where I am at about 10-15 year old vehicles and NOT fix the air conditioning and just not use the car on maybe 10 horribly hot days or have use of a second vehicle for those times.

Customers still make the choice but need to be well informed of the costs up front then make the choice so that's what I suggest. Not every mechanic or shop is even capable so up to you to find the right person and place.

Again - you need to really know what it will take so you can decide what to do about it. I can't know the extent of what it needs by this or any website forum live or not would have to check it out in person,


New User

Feb 17, 2017, 4:10 AM

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Re: audi a3 2002 Sign In

Thank again for taking the time yeh i think the car is worth keeping and i guess ur right i can live without it if i have to . I will spend my money on a full service first and if i have time n extra i might get someone to have a complete xheck on it. Thanks again much appreciated

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