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Tacoma AC on/off button light blinks & AC cuts out...

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Aug 24, 2017, 6:58 PM

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Tacoma AC on/off button light blinks & AC cuts out... Sign In

Toyota Tacoma 2015 Access Cab / 6L engine
24940 Miles
Duration: 3 weeks - increasing frequency

The problem is 3 weeks old and increasing in frequency. The orange AC button (to turn it on and off) blinks. If the engine is has not been running, the AC will not start when the button light is blinking. If I wait a bit and try again - everything works fine... for a random while. It can be a couple of minutes or an hour or more. Then the light starts blinking and the system cuts out again. It did this in front of the dealership valet today. The tech could not make it happen and no one seems to know what this diagnostic blinking light means.

Blinking lights on control buttons mean something. I sell electric scooters. Their controllers produce blinking patterns on the power-on light next to the ignition switch to diagnose things that are going on with the scooters. This blinking light means something or it would not have been designed to do this. It's very deliberate. I'm really wondering why they don't just look it up?
PS Years ago you all saved me from a crazy neighbor who thought my cat peed in her locked car...:)))))

Hammer Time
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Aug 24, 2017, 7:16 PM

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Re: Tacoma AC on/off button light blinks & AC cuts out... Sign In

Most of the time that is an indication of a bad compressor. The compressor has an RPM sensor in it which is monitored by the AC control head. If the control head senses any issue with the RPM of the compressor, it shuts it down and starts flashing.


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