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shaking violently when engaging 1st gear, on and off

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New User

Mar 29, 2016, 2:53 AM

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Hii Auto Guru,

My car BMW116i manual gasline, (like 10 yrs old) has got an issue or two.
1. it cold starts very good. the rpm is stable and around 800rpm. often when i insert gear 1 and slowly disengage clutch, the car will shake violently and die (if i don't give some gas).
If i give some gas and diengage clutch slowly, it will violently vibrated (until i swear i can hear cv kicking sound), ya, may be i gave it too much gas to start moving the car while disengaging the clutch; but it is all because if i don't give enough gas it will dies on me.

2. the issue is, sometime the problem doesn't exist at all, i can just engage gear one, disengage clutch and give some gas slowly, everything is smooth.. great!.

3. i saw milky white liquid at the head block when i open the cap for engine oil top up, because it has being 1 year that i kept topping up engine oil. i believe engine is now consuming engine oil itself. even tough the exhaust gas is not black color.

4. i don't know if the car originally how powerful .. because it is driven by my wife, she knows nothing about car, unless the wheel fall off. :=) but i believe the car has hesitation issue. when i press the gas pedel, it doesn't respond immediately, but rather hesitated a bit and smoothly run forward. i believe that is not that normal. but this is not the main issue.

so, i think (think only) there is a leak in head gasget or somewhere.
could the milky color engine oil found on the engine oil refill entrance (head block)is a sign of water leak into engine oil compartment and mixed with engine oil ? that's why my car is not so powerful as i described in point 4.. i couldn't see any white vapor at exhaust as well.. it is just normal exhaust gas.

or is it because the piston rings are wearing off, hence the engine oil goes into firing chamber to be burn off with gasline ?

the shaking voilently at disengaging of clutch at 1st gear.
is it due to engine power issue that computer fail to adjust the proper fuel and gas causing almost stall condition ?
is it due to the universal joint (the knocking and kicking metal sound heard when i give gas while disengage clutch at 1st gear - violently shaking) of drive shaft failing ?
is it due to the clutch plate wear unevenly ?

sometime i got pissed off of this disgracing voilent shaking , than i press the gas pedal to the bottom causing the engine revving at high rpm and charge forward (which skipped the violent shaking issue)

the car will die immedately if i let go of clutch with handbrake on.
it has no problem going up hill, nor does it has problem on highway (not that i notice off).
i believe clutch slippage is not an issue.. just maybe uneven clutch plate surface, then again, how come sometime it is able to transit smoothly while sometime it shake voilently ?

i haven't try start car with 2nd gear if it vibrate.
i don't remember if it vibrate when i reverse the car.
just know it sometime the car shake violently when start moving the car in 1st gear , wether i give gas or not (no gas will usually cause engine stall)

can you help me out ? i am on a tight budget here and i would like to fix the problem myself or at least diagnose the cause.


Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Mar 29, 2016, 4:06 AM

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Re: shaking violently when engaging 1st gear, on and off Sign In

Andrew: So wife drives it and knows nothing about even driving it apparently unless a wheel falls off! Why own a standard shift and a BMW at that?
Clutches wear smoothly so all these issues are highly likely to be engine problems up to possibly so expensive you'll freak.

Best I can say is find a shop that will and is well versed in BMWs and get it looked at for an estimate of what it will take to put it in shape and decide if you should own this thing from there,


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