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Want to stop front bumper from getting pulled down when parking

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New User

Jan 25, 2017, 2:02 AM

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Want to stop front bumper from getting pulled down when parking Sign In


I have a 2008 Honda Odyssey and the front bumper piece has almost been torn off by those concrete parking slabs. The front is so low that it slides over the top of those, but catches on backing up. I've done everything to secure it, from wiring it and even zip ties on the side. It's a mess but I need to keep patching things up until I can afford something else.

When I was a kid we had some kind of rod that extended out from the bumper or tire area, that made noise as we were parking, so we wouldn't scrape the car against the curb. I'm thinking that might work, to attach a wire on the front grill that would hang down and scrape the concrete slab.

WHAT I DON'T know is what kind of thin metal rod would make enough noise so I would hear it, and at what angle should it be bent to create that noise? I don't think a regular clothes hanger would do, but I don't know. I'm hoping somebody here can give me some advice on what to get, the angle, etc. Anything to avoid this thing from being pulled loose again.

Thanks for any help.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 25, 2017, 3:15 AM

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Re: Want to stop front bumper from getting pulled down when parking Sign In

OMG - You are speaking of "Curb Feelers!" Those were on the sides WAY, WAY back when clipped to fenders for parking parallel on a street not for those parking things you speak of that absolutely will tear up your car's spoiler/air dam and front bumper skin up to falling off.

They make cars lower and lower for assorted reasons but those things if they have one name are too high now.

#1. Hope you and any driver of the vehicle just know to stop before getting that close to those without tricks? Hard - and understand as vehicles don't give you a good clue where front or rear ends.

I can't pick one perfect solution except learn your own vehicle or don't park at those things at all usually there so you don't just roll into a store front and not all over parking lots at least where I am. They are removed here for Winter and so the parking can be cleared of snow which it does in many places and they are removed.

It's not going to change anytime soon IMO so up to you to know or driver's of your car not to pull in that far but also not be hanging out in the way either.

How they make parking for whatever, speed bumps some so tall cars drag and harmed by them NOT going too fast isn't my job and dislike most of it. No clue how to change that.

DON'T ALLOW THE PARTS TO FALL OFF AND BE HAZARD TO YOU, YOUR VEHICLE OR THE VEHICLES BEHIND YOU. No joke, I see those parts all over the sides of roads from just what you are talking about!

Solution: Check what vehicle you should own if this is a constant problem BEFORE buying it. That or maybe some sort of camera that doesn't wire into your vehicle you could just mount carefully so you could see?

Tough call on one idea to fit all the problems of low vehicle parts and parking situations?

(edit in pic if it shows?)

May never show?

Were greatly a 1950s thing when large white walls were common to keep them from harm......

(This post was edited by Tom Greenleaf on Jan 25, 2017, 3:26 AM)

New User

Jan 25, 2017, 5:35 AM

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Re: Want to stop front bumper from getting pulled down when parking Sign In

"Curb Feelers" —

Well, at least I'm glad to know they actually had a name.

Where I live those concrete things are everywhere. No getting away from them.

Maybe I can find an old curb feeler and attach it to the front, and let it do its thing.

Thanks, Tom.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 25, 2017, 5:55 AM

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Re: Want to stop front bumper from getting pulled down when parking Sign In

I feel for you as I have friends forever wrecking the stuff up front on those things OR even frozen snow banks! This is MA - like actually MOST of the US get snow but more so they take them out and have removable speed bumps so plows don't mess up nor unending damage - to plows or the roads! Can't win.

BTW- on the hunt for a picture and you can too look for Google Images or another search engine and you should find these new for sale for the joke of it or for classic/antique buffs.

Have to admit I really do recall them perhaps last on a '58 Olds Ninety-Eight - cool car not old at the time and the obnoxious noise of those things if rubbing a CURB not those bumper things was loud enough when attached to metal fenders - not something for front or rear now all plastic crap.

Do a hunt on what folks do. I just don't know short of avoiding it totally in the first place.
Other: If you are also rubbing speed bumps, some wildly too high try approach at a high angle super slow it probably won't touch at all.

All this is a very real and costly problem if you don't find some solution for you and your specific situation and vehicle about it,


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