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Repair after crash question. Help!

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Mar 20, 2014, 1:49 PM

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Repair after crash question. Help! Sign In

Five months ago I left my 2012 Toyota Sienna (32k miles, I am original owner bought new)at the dealership for routine maintenance. While parked in the lot a lady got confused, floored it and took out a whole line of cars. Mine got hit the hardest and there was frame damage, damage to back bumper, rear hatch and third row seats. I had the car towed to what I thought was the best auto body repair shop in town. They did what I thought was a good job repairing vehicle. After 3 weeks car was returned to me and her insurance paid the entire amount of repair. I was assured that car was 'like new' and only having 32k miles I was ready to drive this car forever. Fast forward to 4 months later. I take car on first road trip and when car is driven over 70 mph there is extreme pull to right side. I pull over after four hours of driving and find a tire shop to get an alignment and have tire pressure checked. Tire shop tells me that my right rear axle is bent 1.5 degrees and ask me if I've ever been in an accident. I called her insurance who refuses to pay anything after 4 months. I called the shop who originally did the repairs and they say they can't do anything unless insurance authorizes repair. Any opinions on whose responsibility it is to fix the axel? Should the original body shop have caught the axle problem? Will insurance ever go back and pay for damage that wasn't found until 4 months later? Im not sure what to do.

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Mar 20, 2014, 2:14 PM

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Re: Repair after crash question. Help! Sign In

  most insurance companies have relationships with repair facilities and maintain a list of 'preferred' shops, this relationship allows the insurance company to offer extended coverage on the repair.

1) did you talk to YOUR insurance company -collision would cover and picking one of the preferred shops would cover this.
2) OR The other insurance company - did they suggest the shop or was it on their list?
3) a 2012 - did you receive depreciated value as a result of the this accident - might free up some money if not.

the issue is the 4months - yes the shop should have caught it - and had you noticed sooner the issue would likely have been reopened...
You now have a bent axel SO your insurance under collision should pay for the accident as it must have happened after the repair (tongue in cheek)- let them fight it out.


Mar 20, 2014, 3:52 PM

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Re: Repair after crash question. Help! Sign In

Next time negotiate with the dealership right then and there. They would have definitely cut you a superb deal on a new car.

You probably will have to sue your insurance company to get them to pay more.

Tom Greenleaf
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Mar 20, 2014, 4:02 PM

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Re: Repair after crash question. Help! Sign In

Rules for insurance can vary place to place. Usually you have 6 months for "unseen" damages. It's never a nice scene at best.

As Kev2 mentioned, did you get compensated for a fixed up newer car now worth a good bit less for being in an accident than one that hasn't? You can fix up damage all you want but the vehicles will be tagged as a fixed wreck and not worth as much which you'll probably find out when you go to sell it! It's the forgotten real loss that doesn't show in your face,


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