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RE: Hybrids: Don't buy the hype

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Sep 29, 2005, 6:49 AM

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RE: Hybrids: Don't buy the hype Sign In

This article was written a few days ago.

It goes on to say buying a hybrid isn't that much of a cost savings, which for most it’s true. I kind of think it’s a little pointless for a hybrid only to get 30 - 35mph... Their staying faithful to the oil companies. Hybrids should push the 100 mpg mark; some homemade hybrids can get 200mpg easy...

Toyota Prius gets about 60mpg... which is a start and if you’re an electrical engineer you could modify it a bit and crank out over 80-100mpgs.

The point being I think people are not really buying a "Hybrid" I think they are buying change..... We are at war today for oil... not terrorism... Well Afghanistan was for terrorism... Iraq is for oil... When people want to be free they make a move to become free, thats whats happening in africa.. the people are tired of their leadership and want to be free.

You want to stop terrorism, take away their money... take away the power of oil....

Why chase more ways to drill for a bowl of oil that has a bottom, when you could plant and grow corn and sugar cane every year and make ethyl alcohol.... which burns cleaner and takes money out of countries that seek revenge on Americans...

So we buy hybrids for change, not for savings.... most people looking to save money buy used cars anyway......... since they know a new car is a bad waste of money....

Buy change "Hybrids" "electric cars" "hydrogen cars", "solar cars"... this will steady the economy as well. Ever notice how much stocks move over the news of the price of oil... time to move past this old technology... time for evolution...

Trust me, Exxon, shell, BP, all have the technology in there back pockets.... they just need us to give that extra boost into the future.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Sep 29, 2005, 7:58 AM

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Re: RE: Hybrids: Don't buy the hype Sign In

Nice post - well said. T

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