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Odd battery charging issue

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Mar 14, 2016, 6:23 PM

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Odd battery charging issue Sign In

Vehicle info:

Year: 1995
Make: Chrysler
Model: Cirrus
Engine size: 2.5L
Mileage: ( can't recall, will get to this tomorrow )

So the battery isn't getting charged properly...

It seems to be fine on idle, but my grandfather who had been working on the car originally had noted that while the car seemed to function fine while idling, the issue seemed to only present itself after driving it.

All signs are currently pointing to what would be an obvious fix, swap out the alternator for a new one and be done with it, but the alternator has already been replaced twice.

We've also very recently replaced the battery with a brand new one to see if it could perhaps be something odd on the battery's end, but the issue still exists ( needed a new battery anyways ).

When we check the readings on a multimeter connected to the positive of the alternator, the reading shows .70~ volts.

When turning on the wipers, headlights and heater, the reading shows .67~ volts.

When connecting directly to the battery's negative and positive terminals, we see a reading of roughly 11 volts.

To my knowledge, both of those readings should come out to roughly 13-14 volts, right?

We're also considering the possibility that the issue with the battery not charging properly lies on what might be a bad fusible link, but even if there was some issue with the fusible link, would that have any correlation to the alternator having such a low voltage reading? Does a bad/disconnected fusible link equate to a lower alternator voltage reading? I would think that would only have an effect on the voltage the battery is getting, right?

It just seems so unlikely that it's the alternator due to the fact that it's already had two replacements... could we really just be that unlucky? I mean all signs point to it, right?

If there is any more information needed please let me know! Smile

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Hammer Time
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Mar 14, 2016, 6:55 PM

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Re: Odd battery charging issue Sign In

One thing that you haven't considered is that the Voltage regulator is built into the PCM. I'm not saying that is your problem but it has to be considered. It also sounds like there is an issue with the fusible link.


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Mar 15, 2016, 5:48 AM

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Re: Odd battery charging issue Sign In

I believe the battery on this is conveniently located behind the wheel -
> yes there is a fusible link - eng off measure voltage at battery - then measure voltage at red wire at alternator.. should be the same .
> The battery cables have a junction point/connector under the hood follow cables into eng compartment - this is prone to corrosion,
> scan for codes... you likely have a light on with codes stored.

Use only fusible link to repair the wire.. available at part stores

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