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Jaguar X-Type 2004 2.0 Turbo Diesel - Ghost Fault - Misfire!

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Jan 30, 2015, 2:14 AM

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Jaguar X-Type 2004 2.0 Turbo Diesel - Ghost Fault - Misfire! Sign In

Ok so this may take a minute, allow me to explain the history of my horrendous Jaguar X-Type 2004 2.0 Turbo Diesel (Mondeo in disguise) 140,000 miles. If you can diagnose the fault and point me in the right direction you can have a case of wine because I am loosing the will!

What the car did before:

The first problem I had with the car was the coil light coming on and it going into limp mode every time I put the power down. I replaced all 4 injectors and it ran fine for a while... My starter motor became sticky and I had a small car fire, I replaced the starter and a piece of vacuum pipe and it once again ran fine until 6 months later...

The car began to run very lumpy, I believe it had a misfire. During long distance motorway driving if I would try to put the power down the car would go into limp mode and the coil light would come on. Id get lots of white smoke on start up and black smoke when accelerating hard. Also when driving with a balanced clutch the car would kangaroo as if the power was switching on and off (but revs would not increase like a clutch slip) eventually the coil light came on and the car cut out all together. I took it to a garage and I had the following done...

What I had done:

Fault code read
Crank sensor replaced
Leak off test - results - 1 faulty injector
1 New injector fitted
Found swarf and filings in the fuel lines and pressure kept dropping
New high pressure fuel pump fitted
Pump and injector coded
All 4 injectors sent off for flow test - results - Good enough...
Timing chain tested - Small amount of slack, nothing that would cause a problem
EGR valve blanked off (no change in performance) so reinstated
Inlet Manifold cleaned and all carbon removed
Final fault code read - No results

What the car is doing now:

The car now starts badly, it takes a minute to get up to speed and has an obvious misfire. Lots of white smoke especially on start up and the engine sounds horrible. From start up if I drive to the end of my road you can guarantee it cuts out every time I put the clutch in and brake at the junction, once the car warms up and I get round the next couple of corners it no longer cuts out. Distinct lack of power (but turbo seems to be running fine) and finally an obvious kangaroo with a balanced throttle just like before but worse

Please help! Me and my mechanic don't know what else to check!

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nickwarner profile image

Feb 1, 2015, 8:25 PM

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Re: Jaguar X-Type 2004 2.0 Turbo Diesel - Ghost Fault - Misfire! Sign In

Don't think we even have the diesel here in the US. I would be wondering about boost pressure. You said the turbo seemed fine, but no reading of actual boost pressure was listed. A failing turbo could do this.

I don't have access to the tech info for this car and my diesel experience is in the heavy side of them, so I don;t think I'll be able to be of much help for you here. You need to get a pressure gauge into the air ducting to see what amount of boost you are getting.

I am not sure what level of experience this mechanic is at, but you may need to find one with a higher level of knowledge for troubleshooting and repair on this.

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