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Impala running lean. No clue where to start.

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Apr 14, 2019, 11:53 AM

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Impala running lean. No clue where to start. Sign In

I have a 04 Impala LS 3.8L engine with 240k miles.
I have been having my ac not turn on until the car gets warm, or I‘ll have had to slam my bonnet to kick it on again. Every once in awhile it would sct like I pressed on the throttel at stops or jump after just making a turn & pressing the throttel. I got stranded the other day because it started jolting anytime I pressed on the throttel like it was trying to shut off or stall aggressively. I changed my coils when I got it to autozone later once it cooled down(it isn’t overheating at all), secondary was weak but primary wad fine, module is fine. Codes said maf issue so I just bought a new one because when I got home it started again(literally in the parking lot) & when I changed the maf Sensor the air kicked on cold as F**k immediately but the car was shaking a ton more than usual but if you didn’t drive an impala before you may think it was normal lol
So I let it run for a couple seconds, then it started smelling like there was a slight burning as if it broke the maf sensor immediately. Put in my old one, then it sounded slightly worse & was shaking even though it didn’t sound that off in the first place, put the new one in after again & it wouldn’t even attempt to turn over like it had security issues. Disconnected the battery again for the night & reconected it, then it disengaged the security lock when I tried to turn it over, then I tried again, worked, sounded as bad as it did when I put the new maf in the first time.

I hate my impala. So much. Piece of trash. Have spent like 4x more than what I spent on it new fixing it. I don’t want to waste a bunch more money guessing. I also can’t drive it somewhere. Thanks for any advice.
The spark plugs are good, the air filter is good, no visible cracks or leaks, ignition wires are good, wires seem fine in the harness.

Tom Greenleaf
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Apr 14, 2019, 3:33 PM

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Re: Impala running lean. No clue where to start. Sign In

Argh? 240K about anything possible. Just FYI codes do NOT say what to do just what circuit isn't working within specs. Running it while not running well is compounding the problem to more things to fail.
Anyway, the parts tossing game isn't the trick and rarely is. That didn't work so it's you who wasted the money.
Time to see the real condition of this engine I suggest a full compression check, vacuum leaks, exhaust restrictions now and integrity of intake parts. Add valve timing to that list.
Of course you hate it it's not behaving and costing you too much. That's a lot of miles for this is my opinion even with incredible attention to all maintenance.
Do the base test of engine if it's just had it or not before going too much more with this one.
A/C? You meant slamming the bonnet (hood) allows or makes it kick on and then works? Good chance that shocks a vibration that allow clutch to compressor to engage the gap is now just too large to pull in as a guess on my part.

Here's an idea for small money right now with this: Try getting a known trained tech to check this car out as if you were going to buy it and what it needs overall. Set the time you wish not the work just the estimate and test results.

Then decide if you wish to continue with this car or seek another. Sometimes just me but 240K is enough for most any car. Not just driveline parts every last thing seats, wires all over, latches, knobs - all of it. Yes you hear of it without too much trouble but it's not as common as you may think,


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