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Engine overheated! Coolant all over under hood! Advice needed!

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Jul 12, 2006, 9:03 PM

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I have a 1993 DodgeB250 Van, V6. I was driving for about 1.5 hours straight and right when I was about to get home I started smelling coolant. I then noticed the engine temp gauge slowly creeping up. I pulled over and let the vehicle cool off for a while. A lot of smoke was coming form under the engine and coolant was all over the place under the hood. I then drove down the road a little ways, about 1 mile and then pulled over again. This is where my vehicle sits now until I can get a ride back to it. This time smoke was even coming into the cabin a little bit. The van was driving fine through the drive. It started making some weird little noise as I was pulling up to the final spot. Hopefully it is okay. I was wondering what steps I should take it diagnosing and fixing the problem. Is it also true I should now change the transmission fluids and filter. I heard that could be compromised by an overheated engine? THANKS! I appreciate any help!



Jul 12, 2006, 9:28 PM

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Re: Engine overheated! Coolant all over under hood! Advice needed! [In reply to] Sign In

Hi Matthew,

To start you where smart for leaving the van alone to cool off... This way you avoid a serious burn.

When you check the vehicle out I would do a quick look over of the radiator hoses and fan even look for a loose fan belt. Try to shake the fan a little bit to see if it is loose. If your water pump went, your fan may have cut through the hose (since the fan in most cars is mount directly onto the waterpump), this would cause all the smoke and coolant all over. Its also possible that a hose simply came off of a connection, or the radiator developed a leak.

Just a few areas to look at. Let us know what you find.

Engine overheated! Coolant all over under hood! Advice needed!

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