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Did my transmission blow up?

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Jun 24, 2013, 7:01 PM

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Hi all I am having some bad car problems..
Car- 2008 Honda accord lxp 2.4 automatic transmission 43k miles warranty expired in Jan 2013

So about a month ago I started hearing a high pitch sound when driving in the first couple gears. Sometimes was louder than others almost like a growling sound. I took it to Honda and they said to do a transmission service. I did, then the noise was still there, had them check again and I guess they sent some sort of data to Honda main place and they thought it was a lose transmission bearing.

Last Saturday I was driving about 20 MPH and all the sudden it sounded like something broke lose in my engine like a rock was bouncing around in there, then came a very loud buzzing sound. I parked the car and got out because it sounded like I had a branch or something stuck on my wheel. Nothing and then I hoped back in drove it very slowly and the buzzing was super loud and it was jerking then it just died. It would not start back up again.

The engine will crank but it will not turn over. And when I try and start it all I hear is the starter sound.
Also right after it died I put it in park and it would not come out of it so I had to pop the little piece out by the shift knob and press that button to get it to release to put it in neutral for the tow.

It is in a transmission shop right now, and they are just diagnosing it for a hefty per hour fee. They said they need to get power to it to see what’s going on with it for sure.

Anyone ever experience this before or does anyone know what this might be?


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