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Astra SRI Is this repair cost too much?

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Apr 2, 2014, 12:05 PM

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Astra SRI Is this repair cost too much? Sign In

Hi all.
I'm not going to lie i have no idea about how cars work/what things tend to cost. I usually just put the money down and get the thing fixed. I've had a few bad experiences with mechanics and very recently found one i'm very pleased with.
He's a copper and a very nice guy he's a friend of the family and very good and passionate about cars.
I recently had a service and was very pleased with the overall feel of the car.
I'm the third owner of my car (Its a Vauxhall Astra SRI 1.8 55 plate btw) Its done around 180 thousand miles i got it at 93 thousand and do a lot of driving for work (i've put the miles on over a 7 month period)
In my service book my Timing belt was changed at 75,000 which my mechanic and i agreed seemed a little strange?
and i can't guarantee the work so decided to finally ( i know i should have got it done sooner) get it fixed. However i told him my cars using a hell of a lot more oil than it should and i have had to top the coolant up three times since getting the car ( which he said shouldnt be happening) and said i also need the head gasket changing. He said he could get the parts or i could get them and he would fix them. he originally told me if the timing belt goes and takes all the pistons with it it would be around 1200 to fix.
However he came back to me the other night and told me that to fix both the timing belt and the gasket he would charge me 1270

he said this would be for the

" Head gasket job and to also include a full cylinder head renovation skim and pressure test and hydraulic cam lifters in an attempt to stop the light ticking/tapping noise cam belt tensioners pulleys and all associated parts renewed with vauxhall guaranteed parts"

he said there are obviously cheaper options available.
However i'm not sure if this is a good price? if its worth paying for it all? The cars fantastic and runs brilliant and this is the first problem i've had with it.
The ticking/tapping noise was something that was bothering me but i originally thought it was the timing belt knocking.

Just wondering if anyone can help me out with this?
I obviously need it doing and I'm aware of that just thought the price was abit steep?
Any help is greatly appreciated

thanks a lot

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Apr 2, 2014, 12:37 PM

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Re: Astra SRI Is this repair cost too much? Sign In

This car not sold where most of us are but not all that critical. Timing belt again with another 75K or so? Yes - most would say so. Head gasket jobs do cost. Knowing it really needs that can take some diagnosing. Consuming oil? How many miles to a quart/litre? Check for leaks first and IMO some consumption with miles is in the normal range so do keep checking. If it has some warning light to just check the oil don't count on it, check it yourself. Red (usually) warnings for oil or engine mean shut it down right away.

1,200 Pounds I take it for this work? I think that's about $1,600US or so right now and about right or even good for all that.

Best thing it seems like you have a tech that you both like and has a good clue for this car. No way around it that at some point you need something and if you are really putting on the miles now take care even more,


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