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97 Chevy Blazer 4X4

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Nov 1, 2005, 11:09 AM

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97 Chevy Blazer 4X4 Sign In

A year ago the 4-wheel drive on my Blazer quit working. The light comes on when I push the button but it never actually kicks in. Someone told me there might be a vacuum leak, but I need more information. A vacuum leak on what? Where do I look?

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator

Nov 1, 2005, 2:23 PM

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Re: 97 Chevy Blazer 4X4 [In reply to] Sign In

There's a servo and heater wire that may need replacing. You may need local help with this. Good luck - mine was about $ 300 bucks just FYI, - T
Long retired now

Veteran / Moderator

Nov 1, 2005, 3:25 PM

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Re: 97 Chevy Blazer 4X4 [In reply to] Sign In

There is a vacuum switch that is located on the 4X4 transfer case that is supplied engine vacuum, when you select four wheel drive this switch closes supplying vacuum to an actuator that pulls in a cable that engages the locking mechanism of the front axles.
So you need to find this switch, check whether it has supply vacuum, whether vacuum can pass through it when actuated, whether vacuum is then supplied to the cable actuator and then whether the accouter can hold and use the vacuum to pull in the cable. I almost forgot, you’ll also have to check all the vacuum lines that run in between the units for any cracks or whether they are not pinched off.
Easy EH
Sorry for sounding sarcastic, it’s not a very complicated system if you know what to look for, but to try and explain what and where to look isn’t all that easy.

Canadian "EH"


Nov 1, 2005, 3:32 PM

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Re: 97 Chevy Blazer 4X4 [In reply to] Sign In

I've done some looking around and am seeing lots of information regarding the actuator and the diaphram under the battery. How would I check these to see if it something like that? Also, saw some information regarding the switch itself.

My Blazer has close to 150K miles on it. It's been great so far. Very few problems but I don't want to invest in a lot of repairs.

The only other problem I have is in the ac. The strangest thing happens. No matter what setting the air is on when I accelerate the air shift and goes to the defroster. I figure this is a vaccuum leak of some type also. The AC compression is only a few years old. After it was replaced I took my truck back to the shop so that they could adjust the strength. Haven't had a problem with the strength since.

Veteran / Moderator

Nov 1, 2005, 4:31 PM

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Re: 97 Chevy Blazer 4X4 [In reply to] Sign In

If I remember correctly there is a vacuum reservoir under the hood that stores extra vacuum to compensate for what you’re explaining about the heater/AC changing modes on hard acceleration. This reservoir is ball shaped, about five inches in diameter, black in color. It may have a hole in it, the check valve in the supply line may have gone bad not trapping the vacuum in the reservoir. Again it’s not brain surgery just a process of elimination to find out if it’s a supply line, the reservoir or the feed line to the heater/AC control head.
You never know when you find the cause of this you may also solve your 4X4 problem, it’s starting to look that way.

Canadian "EH"


Nov 1, 2005, 4:47 PM

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Re: 97 Chevy Blazer 4X4 [In reply to] Sign In

Thanks again. The hubby will be all impressed! Blush

Actually we used to work on cars together. All old stuff, nothing new. I have assisted in changing out transmissions and drive shafts. And I have done a few things on my own including waterpumps. For some reason I always have extra parts left over. Funny how the bolts seem to multiply once they are off the car?!?! (I know its really not much but given that my friends can hardly put air in their tires it's a big deal!)

Between my husband and I we have 6 cars and two motorcycles. (Anybody know a way I can make my 04 HD faster than my hubby's for cheap?)
Anyway, I'll keep this added to my favorites.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator

Nov 1, 2005, 8:50 PM

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Re: 97 Chevy Blazer 4X4 [In reply to] Sign In

There should be a vacuum ball as Dan said in next post. A vacuum leak could explain all your troubles here. Careful if you go to replace vacuum lines going to plastic ports (spuds) and suggest using an exacto knife and peeling off old ones carefully. I've never had luck glueing a broken one back on.

FYI: The "home" setting for heater/A/C controls is defrost. That vacuum ball keeps everything working while vacuum is low like going up hill or accellerating. - T
Long retired now

Anonymous Poster

Nov 10, 2006, 7:48 PM

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Re: 97 Chevy Blazer 4X4 [In reply to] Sign In

I need some help with my 97 Blazers 4x4. When in 2wd after traveling hwy speeds. When slowing I hear a nosie of the diff trying to go into 4x4. Gear type noises. I disconected the plug in to the diff as per a friends advice and this stopped the problem. But of coarse I have no 4x4. What do you guys think the problem might be?

97 Chevy Blazer 4X4

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