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93 Hyundai Excel knocking sound/loss of power under load

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New User

Jun 23, 2015, 7:42 AM

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93 Hyundai Excel knocking sound/loss of power under load Sign In

Car has 133k miles...everything on it is pretty much new (mainly from previous owner). Everything in the fuel system and ignition is new. New sensors all over the place. New ECM. All fluids clean. Earlier today I charged my A/C, it went well (blows ice cold)...sat for a while idling, idled fine. Drove around with the a/c on and noticed the transmission was shifting odd. It would keep upshifting and downshifting I think between 3rd and 4th gear. Also starting doing this with the air off as well. After running a few more errands, the transmission seemed like it wouldn't shift as early as it did previously. Upon coming home the last time, upon acceleration I began hearing a slapping/tapping sound and the car started losing power. If I took my foot off the gas the sound went away. Well it almost died on me making the last turn into my driveway and I parked it. Shut it off, checked everything over. Oil and trans fluid is good as well as everything else, it didn't overheat or anything. It seems to idle a bit low now, and if I gave it any throttle while parked the unfamiliar sound returned. I asked the previous owner and he said he might have put the wrong transmission fluid in when he did the fluid/filter change months ago. He says he used DEX or the "multi vehicle import" fluid instead of the ATF +4 that it requires. Coincedently enough, I had just purchased several quarts today to start running the possibly wrong fluid out to get the right stuff in. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what else I should check, hoping the engine isn't toast. Here are some videos:

Tom Greenleaf
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Jun 23, 2015, 7:58 AM

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Re: 93 Hyundai Excel knocking sound/loss of power under load Sign In

Videos didn't help much sorry to say. Engine sounds terrible but you knew that.
Did this just happen when you shouldn't have touched the A/C? Yes, right? May have two issues. One if you blasted in refrigerant with a kit with a gauge on it you probably way overcharged it - we call those DEATH KITS!

With that compressor is or could be choking on liquid refrigerant stressing the whole thing out up to blowing that but stresses the engine at low idle too brings valve timing to mind with those noises.

If you dare run it more unplug compressor so it absolutely can't engage. If all is well again take it out to get A/C fixed and if timing belt or chain (think belt) overdue or in question that too. Most if failed totally (close with this possible) really wreck engine valves,


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