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91 Crown Vic Wipers won't shut off

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Sep 30, 2005, 4:33 AM

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91 Crown Vic Wipers won't shut off Sign In

Boy is this POS giving me an education.Crazy When I turn the wipers on any setting, be it delay, low or high, they won't shut off. I have to turn off the ignition to turn them off. The delay settings don't work. As soon as I turn one click into the delay sequence, they go directly to the low setting and won't shut off. I think I'm just going to send Tom a round trip ticket from Boston. Laugh HELP CECIL HELP!!!

Tom Greenleaf
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Sep 30, 2005, 8:00 AM

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Re: 91 Crown Vic Wipers won't shut off Sign In

I should know the answer to that one 'cause I've seen that before but I didn't get the jobCrazy Some items have power all the time and you give it ground to work. -- If the ground doesn't shut down it stays on.

Guessing but I think the problem is with the delay feature. Some things to try are first lift the wipers up or take them off if the hood won't clear them and see which wire is feeding the motor constant power with key on. If there's more than one it will be a guess. If room cut it but don't it you don't have the room to solder it back up later with shrink tubing - all done right. If you have to go a while without wipers that Rain-X is pretty good but will cause wiper chatter later when this is fixed. Hard stuff to remove! Brake cleaner on a rag - glass only may help.

DanD has been awesome with some of this stuff with diagrams and all. He may send you to a site that is posted under his name on his posts called "Venturi" . I'm sure you have seen it.

I went thru one of these where wipers quit all the time but almost never in front of me - arggh. I would touch one thing and they worked! Now what do you fix?? Totally different car. Just started trowing stuff out till the customer said it wasn't doing that any more and got lucky - first try and lucky again customer got fully reimbursed as it was later recalled.


Just called my favorite garage and talked to a couple pretty sharp techs. The switch itself has happened to them and was the most common. The other possiblility is the motor is getting constant ground and unplugging it should reveal one power wire that will light and from there the motor get various power for the different modes.

For today that's the best I can come up with. Good luck and certainly let everyone know what you are finding, T


Oct 1, 2005, 6:02 AM

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Re: 91 Crown Vic Wipers won't shut off Sign In

I think you guys, especially Tom, are gonna like this one. When all else fails, get the meter or is it the remote to watch Monster Garage?Laugh After some checks with the meter I determined and I concur with Tom's favorite garage that the switch on the column was bad. Being that the car was given to me, I was too cheap to buy the $85 switch because "This ain't no harley". Heck the junk yard wanted $40 and I wouldn't even spend that on a rice burner <spit> if it was given to me. LOL

Anyway, It's an old cop car and there is this switch on the dash board. Every once in a while, I'd flip the switch just to see if something happened. Finally, some lady from Canada called me the other day and said "STOP IT!" Wink So I figgered I'd better wire that switch to somethin' else like say OH "The wiper motor". Smile

Anyway, there you have it. One meter, one used existing switch, one cheap a$$ country boy,one episode of Monster garage and one happy lady in Toronto. Sly

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