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2012 Chevy Cruze-NEED HELP!

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Aug 21, 2020, 8:12 PM

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2012 Chevy Cruze-NEED HELP! Sign In

I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze with 114k miles. I’m not sure the engine size.

I believe I bought this car with an oil leak about a year ago..that’s my first problem. The only performance issues I had with it was when I would accelerate it would feel like it was taking a while to get up to speed and occasionally it would do a little jerk. So, I finally took it to my local mechanic, who basically does oil changes and tires. He told me it was my piston rings. He doesn’t do that so I had to go elsewhere. I ended up taking it to an engin/transmission speciality shop that was recommended by somebody I work with who currently had her car there. After a few hours of looking things over this shop called me and told me that I needed new spark plugs and a coil? ($356) that would take care of the jerking and accelerating problem. A new valve cover ($169) and that would take care of the oil leak. And I needed to replace my coolant/antifreeze hose ($286) because the oil leaking caused it to swell. So, it was around $800 in repairs. Which, I thought was a bargain compared to replacing a motor. So, being a single mom on one income, I explained that I would have to do it in steps, and we started with the valve cover. I pick it up on Tuesday, and I literally make it about 4 miles from the shop and my car is smoking everywhere, and all these alarms go off telling me to shut car down overheating!!!! Get towed back to the shop ($40) and they tell me the next day that my serpentine belt slipped off from the oil leak?!? Okay. Repaired that ($201) Go pick it up after they fixed that and I make it to the EXACT same spot and my car is stuttering and stop lights, going up hills, like bad I didn’t think I was going to get up the hill. So I turn around and go right back to the shop. They tell me that I have to get the spark plugs done that will fix that problem. Which it was not jerking/stuttering like that before they worked on it. So, I pick it up today after the spark plugs and coil repair and I make it to the exact same spot FOR THE 3rd time and I’m smoking again!!! It did not overheat this time, just a lot of smoke! Call the shop back and tell him that I’m broke down again and he yelled OHHHH MYYYYYY GOOOOD! Like this is my fault. I said, somebody needs to come get this car and I’m not paying for a tow this time. So the shop owner and the mechanic come out and they’re looking it over, revving the engin, check the oil.....NO OIL!!! Now they’re telling me that the valve cover they put on probably has a crack in it!!!! How? The car has barley been driven so it was replaced. So, I’m $700 in and my car runs or lack there of worse than before they started working on it. 😓 I guess my question is, could it be the piston rings? I never had the think blue smoke that is listed as a bad piston ring symptom. What is happening? Are they ever going to get my car fixed? Are they just being crooks??? I don’t know enough about cars to argue anything. But common sense tells you that I drove this car to you with minor performance issues and I have yet to make it home with it because it keeps breaking down!!!! I have fixed 2/3 things they quoted me on Plus a new serpentine belt! Please help!!!!! Thank you in advance!!!

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Aug 22, 2020, 12:51 AM

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Re: 2012 Chevy Cruze-NEED HELP! Sign In

Oh my. 1st off when told this needed "piston rings" is such an old line (over 70 years ago) might have been something done with some routine on stuff older than that!
NO. You need some real help IMO and ONE stop shop will suggest a full service independent shop if and when something outside of what they do let them handle it.

This oil leak doesn't seem to have been found at all IMO is making quite a mess of oil which is your smoke as engine gets warm, hot in some spots normally but needs to be properly full of oil not this scene. Doesn't seem like anyone checked anything they did now a 3rd time you got just 4 miles!
What would you like to do now that you seem to be out $800 bucks and nothing fixed? I say find the one stop shop and be asking for some $$ back for lousy attention to your anything for problems not fixed and may still end up needing an engine if it was OUT OF OIL is plain unacceptable.

Stuff happens but this is a bit much.

Towing and such: Check out a motor club one of a few I like is AAA for about $80 a year ends towing costs up to 100 miles, roadside help 24hours and discounts all over the place for being a member is free really plus can help you find the right help and guarantee it are on your side but it's not a fight you just want the right work as it's needed like anyone.
Just noted: Belt fell off was oil soaked? Doubt that. Hoses need doing from oil? Probably did for a couple years they don't go quite that fast like the 1950s, 60s, 70s rubber is more tolerant of oils since then lets move up a couple generations let me stay back there - smile I think??
BTW I'm not involved with motor clubs or paid by anyone to do this at a site totally free to use by volunteers no motives at all but to help you get going with the least aggravation - this and other trades just are not so easy still can be tons better than what you just went thru,


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