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2007 INFINITY G35X - Rear End Slipping Issue ---tricky---

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Feb 2, 2013, 12:51 PM

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post icon 2007 INFINITY G35X - Rear End Slipping Issue ---tricky--- Sign In

I have a g35x all wheel drive infinty.

I recently got into an accident. I T-Boned another vehicle hitting the person dead on, in the middle of the bumper. Causing a cracked bumper, and aligmen issues. I was working out of town at the time so didnt take it in to get repaired right away, which might have lead to these other issues. My front and rear aligment was out. I went through 2 rear tires in the matter or a couple weeks, becuase they where wearing on the inside of the tires, but fine out the outside. almost like both tires are at in 5 degree angle to the inside causing all the tread wear. (my friend put it onto a lift, it see if anything was lose, and when i shook the rear tires, they where solid).

I took it to get fixed, but the insurance company said it was to minor of an accident to cause aligment issues. So i paid for the front end to get fixed for the time being. Now that winter is here, anytime i drive it when i am off work, and i hit, snow or slick area's my rear end sways side to side/slips out.

Was wondering if you would have any clue what could be the issue?! if im looking at 500 or 5000 $$...

Any idea's would be great!


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Feb 2, 2013, 1:32 PM

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Re: 2007 INFINITY G35X - Rear End Slipping Issue ---tricky--- Sign In

Sounds like the rear tracking may be off......Do you have a printout of the alignment specs you could post????

This isn't exactly how it works but makes it easier to understand.....Both the frt end & the rear end have to "steer" in the same direction....If the rear is say steering to the right,,,, it will go to the right for a period of time but then the front "pulls" it back into line.......On a good road with good traction, you don't really feel much because it won't go that far before it gets pulled back into line and it's a "slower" process......If anything the only real noticeable problem would be tire wear.... or a constant pull to one side or the other

If you get into a slick area you can feel it because with less traction its easier to pull it back into line athnd it can do it faster......almost like the rear is "surging"

On something like I would want to look at the thrust angle 1st......

As far as that statement by the insurance company about the alignment.......I'm not sure where there are getting that from since hitting a good size pothole or curb is enough to throw a car out alignment.....

One thing most people don't realize is that hitting a curb when backing up or parking is worse than hitting a pot hole.....Frt & rear suspension are designed to handle frt a certain degree....It's just something that is going to happen in every day driving but side & rear impacts are different....Those aren't suppose to happen in normal driving so the suspensions don't take those as well......So if you are backing into your parking spot.....It's best to stop before you "feel" it hit the curb...

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Feb 2, 2013, 1:46 PM

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Re: 2007 INFINITY G35X - Rear End Slipping Issue ---tricky--- Sign In

Thanks for the responce.

I do not have that spec, (tho i just emailed them asking for print-out), but this is what the invoice states.

"preform a four wheel alingment"

(front end is ok but steering wheel is off centre)
rear alingment is out a long way with thrust angle out,
attempting to adjust however there is not enough movement fr the required change needed to correct aligment.
car has had rear body wrk previously (only owned vehicle for year, was from previous owner, previous accident)
rear tires have noth got inner wear (cords showing).

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Feb 2, 2013, 2:13 PM

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Re: 2007 INFINITY G35X - Rear End Slipping Issue ---tricky--- Sign In

Well if the thrust angle is off, then that will have to be taken care of 1st...

With Infinitys the good thing is you do have adjustments for rear toe & camber, the bad thing is...they don't give you much at all...

The trailing & strut arms really need to be looked at closely, if there is any slight bends, they need to be replaced, after that is there are kits that can be installed to give you more room for adjustment to bring the angles back into specs.....

I'm assuming the steering was off center before but is straight now.....I'm also assuming that tires had been replaced with new ones......

If that is the case you can go back & take a look at them, run your hand across the tread, if you can feel any diagonal slashing going on, that would be another sign the thrust angle is off and you would probably want to get those kits before any more wear happens to the new tires....


Feb 2, 2013, 2:18 PM

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Re: 2007 INFINITY G35X - Rear End Slipping Issue ---tricky--- Sign In

These kits, is this something if i take it to a garage they will take care of, and if this is what is wrong, with labour (guestimating) how much do you think they will bend me over for this, when it is all said and done?

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Feb 2, 2013, 3:11 PM

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Re: 2007 INFINITY G35X - Rear End Slipping Issue ---tricky--- Sign In

The price really depends on what type of kit your are working with......There are kits that install on the strut, which are relatively cheap and easy to do so it's not too bad, other kits are whole arms or ball joints,,,,,,with those the kit is more expensvie & takes more time to install...

With yours I'm guessing is the control arms so your probably in the 3 to 4 hundred range... have to realize, this is the internet, I cant' see the car or what type of damage there.....So this is where the tech in the bay is the expert & who's opinion out trumps mine...

These kits are designed to give a tech more adjustment when a factory adjustment is maxed due to a frame settling over time or ride height sinking to a minimum range or there isn't a factory adjustment for the angle in question.

If there is frame or arm damage these kits won't bridge that gap so that problem would need to be addressed 1st.......If it has to go to the body shop.....Then yea....This is when it starts to get expensive.....

Did you have a chance to check our your tires to see if there is any kind of wear going on????


Feb 4, 2013, 1:02 PM

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Re: 2007 INFINITY G35X - Rear End Slipping Issue ---tricky--- Sign In

this is also what he said reguarding vehicle...

We have done a 4 wheel alignment on your car. The front suspension
checked out ok.

The only issue we have is the rear suspension is not following the
front end of the car. We tried

to move the rear suspension cradle over, but it will not shift. The
left rear tire is farther back than

the right rear tire causing the back end of the car to steer to the
left. The car has had some repairs

done on it. It would be helpful to know what was repaired on the
car. Right now your car has either

rear frame damage, rear suspension damage, or a combination of both.
The final alignment shows the

left rear is easily out 9/16”.


Feb 4, 2013, 1:09 PM

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Re: 2007 INFINITY G35X - Rear End Slipping Issue ---tricky--- Sign In

i have the specs but it wont let me load them on this system. could email them

Hammer Time
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Feb 4, 2013, 1:26 PM

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Re: 2007 INFINITY G35X - Rear End Slipping Issue ---tricky--- Sign In

We don't have public addresses. Scan the image and upload it to a hosting site like Photobucket and they will supply a link to post here to make it show up.


We offer help in answering questions, clarifying things or giving advice but we are not a substitute for an on-site inspection by a professional.


Feb 4, 2013, 1:39 PM

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Re: 2007 INFINITY G35X - Rear End Slipping Issue ---tricky--- Sign In

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo reddick001_zps834dfa72.jpg"/></a>

One Of Those Bad Boys Should Work!

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Feb 4, 2013, 10:07 PM

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Re: 2007 INFINITY G35X - Rear End Slipping Issue ---tricky--- Sign In

Wow....That rear end was really out....on both sides.....

Looks like they are using Hunter equipment....Which personally, I think is the best stuff....but just my own opinion out all the different brands I've used....

yea....You're going to have to drop some money into camber/toe kits to get it all the way in.....going off the printout, it looks like they did a good job just being able to work with factory adjustments....As I said before, they really don't give you a lot to work with from the factory but they were never meant to compensate for suspension damage.......

From what I see on the printout, you should be able to get your toe & thrust angle back into specs with some aftermarket kit.....You get way more adjustment with those.......

I'm not sure what brands they use....I prefer Specialty Products.....But any brand should do, the reading aren't that far out,

This is what the kit should look like...

I don't have a price on the kits but we are in the 1hr range to install both sides............................I know things are more expensive up North but it should come in under your min price of $500

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