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2006 lincoln zephyr multiple misfire and noise

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Aug 4, 2015, 11:31 AM

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2006 lincoln zephyr multiple misfire and noise Sign In

Hi I'm New to forums I have 2006 Lincoln zephyr 3.0 . Yesterday I drive 200 miles to different appointments and noticed while driving a different sound in my engine. The sound is hard to explain kind of like a dull acceleration, like no power sound but car was running great no flaws besides normal transmission bull that it always does. I parked the car for an hour and started it up and the car shook terribly and was idling really rough. Almost to stall but never stalled. I drove car around block it had almost zero power and that sound was even louder . I noticed a knocking sound also coming from under the intake manifold ( 1,2,3 cyl) I hooked up code reader and it wasthrowing multiple misfire on cyl 456 also had weird code of theft detected engine disabled?? I changed spark plugs nothing like I expected, it's really going to blue my mind if all three coils went I highly highly diught it. The knock isnt consistent its sporadic more or less. That's really concerning me. Oil was low I added quart n half. Does anyone have any information to help me here I've tried searching nothing came up that's like my situation. I'm stumped that all three on bank 2 ( 4,5,6 cyl) just went.

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Aug 4, 2015, 4:40 PM

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Re: 2006 lincoln zephyr multiple misfire and noise Sign In

I would find it hard to believe if all three coil on that bank went bad at the same time. If it was a wiring issue with a coil or injector, it would have flagged circuit codes.

Possible catayst may have plugged up on that bank. A back pressure test would prove that. They also have problems with timing chain tensioner bleeding down allowing the chain to skip which could throw that bank out of time. Either pulling the front cover off and doing a visual or using a labscope to see if cam and crank signals are in sync would tell you if it jumped time.

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