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2004 v6 Mustang Timing Too Advanced

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Jul 18, 2019, 4:51 PM

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2004 v6 Mustang Timing Too Advanced Sign In

I have a 2004 3.9 Mustang and about 10 months ago the valves started to ping/ spark knock/rattle so I just ran 93 octane until I had time to mess with it. The 93 octane used to completely quiet it and now it’s loud after the engine is warmed up with any load on it, even with 93 octane. Its throwing a p1336 (cmp misaligned. But the code definition is, ckp and or cmp input signal to the pcm concerns.) I’ve changed the crank and cam sensor and the cam sycroniser assembly. However, when turning the crank sensor, the timing doesn’t change at all. What could be the cause of this and the fix to it? Thanks.

Hammer Time
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Jul 18, 2019, 5:28 PM

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Re: 2004 v6 Mustang Timing Too Advanced Sign In

I don't know what you are trying to do but you don't turn a Crank sensor and if you turn the cam sensor synchronizer you just throwing the fuel injectors out of synch.

There are many things that can cause detonation

Low octane fuel
high combustion temps (EGR valve?)
Lean fuel mixtures (possibly related to incorrect cam sensor timing or low fuel pressure)
Advance base ignition timing (not possible to change on your engine)
Bad PCM or wiring shielding


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