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2002 Ford Explorer ABS problems

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Aug 15, 2009, 2:51 PM

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2002 Ford Explorer ABS problems Sign In

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer eddie buarer with 4.0 6cyl awd with 4hi and 4low options. My left front hub assembly was bad so I bought advance autos house brand hub due to lack of money, but anyway I replaced it had no problems getting off besides the usuall stubbern bolds on the back side. New one went on fine ran speed sensor wire back up and pluged in. put everything back together. took it out for about a 10 min drive everything was great no more annoying noise or vibrations. the next day I had to make about an hour drive after getting about 35-40 min into the trip had to stop at a stop sign in the country while slowing down from 55mph the abs kicked in and i wasnt hitting the brakes that hard the abs light came on and disabled the abs. finished the trip and about 3 hours later left to come home abs light was off and had no problems the whole way home. assumed maybe it was the abs resetting to the new hub bearing. drove it around town yesterday didnt have any problems. Then today I had to make another long drive. this time same thing happened about 30 min into it. Got where I was going and shut truck off. about 45 min later started truck to leave abs light was off again but this time I hit the brakes the first time and abs kicked in. did it everytime I stopped all the way thru town one I got out in the country and had to stop the abs kicked in again and after taking back off the abs light came on and I had no more problems the rest of the way home. Im guessing the (new) hub bearing I got is junk but was wondering if anyone had any idea of something else it could be cause I really dont wanna have to do the hub again lol not a fun job

Hammer Time
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Aug 15, 2009, 10:36 PM

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Re: 2002 Ford Explorer ABS problems [In reply to] Sign In

Although your on the right track with a faulty ABS speed sensor, don't assume it will be the same one with the hub although it could be. You need to go back in and examine your work and see if anything has moved or come apart. Other than that, the problem could be coming from any of the sensors. The one in the top of the differential is a known problem in that vehicle. You will need a scan tool with ABS capability to know for sure where the problem is coming from.


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2002 Ford Explorer ABS problems

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