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2001 Ford Windstar IMRC Repair, Fuel Filter and Fill Tank Questions

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Apr 27, 2012, 10:44 AM

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2001 Ford Windstar IMRC Repair, Fuel Filter and Fill Tank Questions Sign In


****I have pics to share of the things I'm talking about but didn't see where I could attach them****

So I have a few questions about my 2001 Windstar SE Sport. I recently got it so I'm trying to figure out some quirks and get her running right.

First issue was the vents only coming out the defrost but got that figured out. I took the outer and inner cowl off and found the little hose coming from the fire wall had come unplugged. Vents work fine now.

Now I need to get the IMRC straightened out. When it is warming up and I'm at a stop in traffic it will start to stutter and the tach goes up and down and even sometimes stalls. It also will stay at a high enough rpm to drive me around for a little bit even with no foot on the gas. Again, until it warms up, then it's fine. Also, after a warm start (starts cold fine) it will rev up to almost 2500 rmps for like 10 secs before dying back down real fast. The Idle Control Valve is new and clean as a whistle so upon further inquiry found that I should check the IMRC linkages and see if they were working right. When I took a look I found that both were disconnected from the little butterfly parts which I assume is causing then to stick or not be where they should. I am missing 3 of the white clips (grommets) that hold the arms in place and pick those up tonight. The back arm was completely off. I got the front arm back on but it comes back out without the clip. This is a good place to start for my problems I guess? How do I get the arms installed without taking half the engine out? Does the actuator just unbolt and come out? I sure hope so. The diagram I found seems to show it does. If so, any other things I should keep in mind while taking it on/off?

Also I was going to replace the fuel filter and when I took a look I noticed someone had used a zip tie on one of the clips and hose clamps on each end. I didn't mess with it cause I wasn't sure I would get the new one on right. Any ideas?

And one more thing (this van is going to be more work than I thought) when I fill it up from empty it starts to spill out the fill valve after like 5 gallons, but when it already had gas it in it last week it filled up to half tank (12 or so gallons) without spilling out. Ideas?

Wow, long post, my apologies....

(This post was edited by FoamieOmie on Apr 27, 2012, 10:44 AM)

2001 Ford Windstar IMRC Repair, Fuel Filter and Fill Tank Questions

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