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map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim

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New User

Jul 24, 2005, 9:38 PM

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map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim Sign In

Crazy the fuel pump isn't pumping to the injector and i have no spark. was told it might be my map sensor. Need to know where it is locatedand any other suggestions asap this is my main tranportation to and fro work. no car no work can't walk 100 miles round trip a day.

thanks for listening

Veteran / Moderator

Jul 24, 2005, 10:34 PM

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Re: map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim [In reply to] Sign In

The map is usually found on the right shock tower, it will have a three-wire connector and a vacuum line attached.
I don’t think a map would cause the fuel pump not to run or prevent spark but it’s electronics and anything is possible. Try unplugging it electrically the computer will use fixed values in its program, the car will run like crap but should run if the sensor has actually shorted.
When you turn the ignition switch to the run position, do you hear the fuel pump run its prime cycle? You may need to get under the car near the tank to actually hear it while someone turns the ignition on for you. Or you could disconnect the rubber fuel feed line that leaves the shock tower close to the TBI unit and see if it will spray fuel into a container during the prime cycle. The prime cycle will only last 2 to 3 seconds.
Is there an injector pulse at the injectors wiring harness to test that you should use a powered test light or a noide light so you do not cause damage the injector driver that is in the computer. These tools are a low ampage lights to check the circuit.
Does the check engine light come on for a couple of seconds when the key is first turned to the run position?
You say you don’t have spark if that is right you won’t have fuel other then the prime cycle. The computer needs to see spark or I should say a RPM signal before it will authorize the fuel pump to run again. It’s a safety feature no spark no fuel.
These years of Chryslers had a problem with a feed wire corroding inside the wiring loom and not feeding the ignition and or fuel systems, but we won’t go there until you can answer the above questions. I don’t want to take you in the wrong direction.

Canadian "EH"

New User

Aug 22, 2005, 4:06 PM

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Re: map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim [In reply to] Sign In

CrazyCrazyCrazyCrazy well I'm back to ask about the feed wire you were talking about. I have a mechanic from my shop at work and he used to work on cars. he's as stumped as i am. he has checked the computer and has determined it has power. he only has a hand held reader and can't get into it.If you could tell me the which wire or the name i told him i would let him know and maybe he;ll know which one your talking about. I really appreciate this help.

Rich Allen

Veteran / Moderator

Aug 22, 2005, 8:41 PM

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Re: map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim [In reply to] Sign In

I tried to post earlier but got busy and didn’t finish so I’ll try and post more tomorrow when I’m back at the shop and hopefully post a wiring diagram for you.

Canadian "EH"

Veteran / Moderator

Aug 23, 2005, 6:50 AM

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Re: map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim [In reply to] Sign In

The feed wires I am referring to are the ones going to and leaving the auto shut down relay.
You haven’t answered my questions about the fuel pump, the injector pulse or whether the power loss light comes on for a couple of seconds when you turn the key to the run position so it’s kind of hard to help from this end.
But here’s a wiring diagram for what I’m assuming is your engine, a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder. There is more then one feed to the computer so finding one may not be enough.
Start at the auto shut down relay and make sure the red/white wire has constant power to it and that the dark blue wire has power on it with the keys in the run position.
The dark green/orange wire is what feeds the ignition coil, injector and a number of other items and will only have power on it for a few seconds with the key turned to the run position. (Prime cycle)
After the computer receives and ignition pulse from the pick-up coil in the distributor the computer will turn the auto shut down relay back on to run the system.
If you have the power feeds as I tried to explain then check the pick-up coil.
To test the pick-up coil unplug it at the distributor, turn the ignition to the run position set up a way to test for spark at the ignition coil. Now jumper the two connections I’ve tried to draw in my diagram. Making and breaking the connection very quickly will make the computer think that there is an ignition pulse and fire the coil, turn on the fuel pump and probably fire the injector. Make sure you are jumpering the cars side of the harness not the pick-up coils.
If it does that then replace the pick-up coil after you have checked that the ignition rotor is actually turning.
Hope I didn’t loose you if so post back.

Canadian "EH"

New User

Sep 7, 2005, 5:17 PM

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Re: map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim [In reply to] Sign In


Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator

Sep 8, 2005, 10:17 AM

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Re: map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim [In reply to] Sign In

I'm not strong with Chryster products but will say that happened to a similar older one. Two faults at once and it turned out to be the computer which was located on passenger's kick panel and was getting soaked and salted by a rust hole.

Just a stab - Try disconnecting neg battery cable for a couple minutes which resets computer if it works.

Also - check owner's manual if the car has a resetable device that shuts the systems down in case of an accident to help prevent fires.

Hope some others will jump in quick for you that may know more. I don't think the map sensor controls both, spark and fuel but I'm not sure,
Long retired now


Sep 23, 2005, 4:50 PM

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Re: map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim [In reply to] Sign In

Hey Dan, I'm having similar problems with my '92, 6 cylinder Acclaim. It just died one day. I don't hear the fuel pump and there's no spark. Could you possibly furnish me with the wiring for this vehicle. I'd SO appreciate it. One auto parts store told me it could be the coil and/or the control module under the distributor and that the module should lift right out. Well, it didn't. Who knows what he was looking at as all this took place over the phone.

I'm kinda stranded here with no help. I did notice that right in front of the air cleaner, there's a little box that kinda looks like a relay. A couple of the wires are bare as they lead into this box. I have no idea what that "box" is. There's several wires leading into the end that I could see from the driver's side of the car.

I don't know that much about cars, but I'm not afraid to get in there to check things out. Help if you can. Thanks.

Veteran / Moderator

Sep 24, 2005, 7:41 AM

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Re: map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim [In reply to] Sign In

I’m not at the shop right now but when I get back there I’ll try and post something for you.
A wiring diagram is a great tool and can be very useful, as long as you have a working understanding of how the system is intended to work. If you don’t have this understanding then this tool is as useless as handing a plumber’s pipe wrench to a gynecologist. LOL
After saying that if you have any other questions don’t be afraid to ask, we’ll all try and help.

Canadian "EH"

Veteran / Moderator

Sep 24, 2005, 10:58 AM

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Re: map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim [In reply to] Sign In

Here’s the diagram for ya hope it helps.

Canadian "EH"


Sep 24, 2005, 12:01 PM

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Re: map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim [In reply to] Sign In

SlyDan, Thank you for the diagram. Don't worry, I'm not going to attempt to fix this myself. I just like to know what I'm looking at. Especially since I'm being talked thru some of this over the phone. It'll most likely end up in the shop... again... sigh. What I might do is check the error codes and put them on the other forum. Thanks again.

map sensor 93 plymouth acclaim

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