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Need Help with A Monte Carlo Nightmare

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Oct 28, 2020, 9:12 AM

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Need Help with A Monte Carlo Nightmare Sign In

Please read the whole post before replying

Help I need help with my 2003 3.4 Monte Carlo. It all started when my alternator started making noise, the bearing were going, so I got a new one, and replaced it. I noticed a small piece had come off the belt, so when I was in town I stopped at one of the local auto stores, and bought one, it was a Dayco.

Turns out to be one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made.... Well a couple on months after I put the new belt on, it started to shred, and I do mean shred, by the time I caught it, a very long piece has separated and was flailing around tearing the wiring off my A/C compressor and it ended up lodging its self under my harmonic balancer.... You know where one of the crank sensors is located. It also ripped tow of the wires out of said sensor, how ever I could not see it, because these wires are between the A/C compressor and the engine block.

You know where you have a half inch of clearance, if even that much. Anyway long story short I ended up replacing both Crank sensors, and the car seem to run fine. I went to a doctors and when I stopped in the store the car would not crank, so I check the negative batter terminal and tight it up, and the car starts. When I get home I check it, and it starts right up.

I reconnected my A/C compressor the next day and started it up and it was fine. Everything is great right???????????

Well not quite, went to meet some buddies in town and when I turned the key nothing. No click just nothing. I went through every fuse, and relay all were good, I jumped the starter solenoid and the car cranked.

I could not find a reason, and no security light flashing. I ended up replacing the ignition switch and the PCM and still nothing. I get power when I try to start it, at both relays and every where but the but still it will not crank. My running lights come on and don't dim, but all my dash light go off, until I let the key go back to "ON," and of course they go out when I pull the key out and yes I did the half hour reset, when I replaced the ignition switch and
after I replaced the PCM.

You now know everything that I tried, however I did them in a more sensible order, I just wrote them down as they came to mind.

Help does anyone have any idea what is going on with this Monte Carlo?

Hammer Time
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Oct 28, 2020, 10:13 AM

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Re: Need Help with A Monte Carlo Nightmare Sign In

Replacing a belt wasn't the worst thing you ever did.

Installing it incorrectly or on a damaged component was. Belts don't ride off for no reason.

I'm giving you the wiring diagram for the circuit because that is what you need to diagnose this properly. If you don't have any idea how to read one, then I suggest you bring it to a competent shop so you don't have a repeat of the belt installation.

I'm suspecting you may have a problem with the transmission Range sensor not seeing the right gear but the first thing to check is all the fuses and fusible links with a test light.


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