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Serpintine Belt Squeaking

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Jan 26, 2010, 2:33 PM

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Serpintine Belt Squeaking Sign In

I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota with a 6 cylinder motor. I recently installed a new water pump. During the removal of the pump I got anti-freeze on the belt and pulleys. After I put the new belt on, it started squeaking really bad. I went to an auto parts store and they told me that the anti-freeze will make the belt squeak and that I should wash all of the pulleys really good. Well I did that and the belt still squeaks really loud. I put talcom powder on the belt and that quites the belt for awhile, but the squeak always comes back. I also put a new tensioner last week because the old one didn't retract when I pulled it forward when taking the belt off, the squeak is still there.

Does anybody have any solution to my problem?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Veteran / Moderator
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Jan 26, 2010, 8:48 PM

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I'm assuming you just got antifreeze on the pulleys and put the new belt on after the pump install. If that is the case, that belt should've quieted down on it's own if it's the right size & the tensioner is good. On cases like this I will spray carb clean on the belt while the engine is running and that cleans it & pulleys pretty good.

If you still have the old belt, compare the number to make sure you have the correct size.



Jan 27, 2010, 12:07 PM

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Re: Serpintine Belt Squeaking [In reply to] Sign In


Thank you for your reply. Yes I did replace the belt after the new pump install. I called the dealer and they told me that belts that are purchased from auto parts stores are sometimes slightly different in size from the belts the dealer provides, thus this could be the reason for the belt continuing to squeak. Hopefully a belt provided by the Dodge dealer will take care of this problem.

Thanks again for your input,


Tom Greenleaf
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Jan 28, 2010, 3:58 AM

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Re: Serpintine Belt Squeaking [In reply to] Sign In

Off the wall: I've had some brands of belts that make noise withing a few miles and nothing shuts them up. They make belts specifically to be quiet - at least GoodYear and Dayco but they stretch faster.

Remember the belt size as Sidom said must be right. The tensioner can only adjust so far and belt could be loose from the get go. If you have fins on alternator you shouldn't be able to spin that by hand or it would squeal. Tensioners sometimes show where it sits in the range of its adjustment ability too.

Cool/cold engine off please - give the belt a push/pull and see if it feels snug enough on longest stretch between pulleys. 1/2 inch or so is enough for many by hand,

Long retired now

Serpintine Belt Squeaking

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