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New Distributor and TPS, No acceleration now?

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Aug 14, 2017, 6:10 PM

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New Distributor and TPS, No acceleration now? Sign In


Just purchased my 2000 Xterra 3.3 XE 194k mi. When I got it had the typical knock sensor code, plus a crankshaft sensor code. It drove for about a week before the RPM tachometer began dropping. I checked the sensor, it was good, but the connector did not have its shield and was melted. I took one from a junkyard, used wire connectors, heat shrink tubing and plenty of auto electric tape ---- Still RPM drop out.

Went to check the camshaft sensor on the distributor, found it to be bad, purchased whole new distributor. In order to access the retainer bolt for the distributor, I removed the TPS/Wide Open/Close sensor, reinstalled the new distributor, re-positioned the TPS/Wide Open/Close sensor, started it up. It idled low in park, so I adjusted the TPS/Wide Open/Close sensor, got into drive it. When I put it in reverse, and pressed the accelerator all the way down, it barely even budged and acted like it wanted to die. I replaced the TPS/Wide Open/Close sensor (After making sure TDC for the distributor was good, twice) and still when I put the think in drive/reverse it about dies from the start.

If i get going, and the accelerator to the floor, it hesitates and gets the RPM all the way up, of course there is no power. I took the TPS/Wide Open/Close sensor back to be sure, and got another just in case it was faulty.

The only code stored is the knock sensor generics, as I said before, it drove fine.

Is it Timing, Mass Air Flow, Head Leak (there is a minute head gasket leak when I do a block test with my NAPA Sniffer, could that be it?)

Everyone's help would be great!

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