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Dreaded Quad 4 Misfire HELP?!

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New User

Oct 17, 2015, 4:49 PM

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Dreaded Quad 4 Misfire HELP?! Sign In

Hello, first time poster here. I'm having an issue on my wife's car I've been digging at all day and can't get a solve. I have the following:

Chevrolet Cavalier
141k Miles... Not too shabby.

Severe misfire and flashing engine light. Pulled the codes and had the following:

P0300 Multiple Cylinder Misfire
P0113 Intake Air Temp Sensor Circuit Voltage High
P0507 Idle Speed High
P0342 Camshaft Positioning Sensor

I performed a manual balance test and revealed cylinders 1 and 3 were dead. I don't have an extra set of cables to use to do the spark test on this ridiculous set up. I pulled the plugs on 1 and 3 and both are wet and smell of new fuel, so I replaced the coils, plugs, and boots. 1 and 3 are still dead. Performed a compression test to rule out compression and as I expected all were within spec. The Camshaft position censor and IAT were cheap, so I decided to change them. I also replaced the Idle Air Control Valve. I pulled the cover back off the engine, removed the plastic coil housing, and inspected it really well for cracks. The housing looks flawless, almost as if it's been replaced. All other parts were factory so I have reason to believe the coil housing would be too. While I had the coil housing off, I swapped the sides the coils were on to see if the problem followed and possibly got a bad aftermarket coil. The problem did not follow. The only other thing I'm left to assume is that the ignition control module is bad. Any other theories? I've seen nightmarish threads on this very issue. Almost every one had a different resolution. Mad

Hammer Time
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Oct 17, 2015, 5:25 PM

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Re: Dreaded Quad 4 Misfire HELP?! Sign In

Change the coil housing ............................ very common.


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