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Car Acronyms used commonly

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Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Mar 31, 2011, 3:36 AM

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  post locked   Car Acronyms used commonly  

Mods. Please correct, add or update as you see fit:

ABS antilock brake system
A/C air conditioning
AC air cleaner
AIR secondary air injection
A/T automatic transmission or transaxle
SAP accelerator pedal
B+ battery positive voltage
BARO barometric pressure
CAC charge air cooler
CFI continuous fuel injection
CL closed loop
CKP crankshaft position sensor
CKP REF crankshaft reference
CMP camshaft position sensor
CMP REF camshaft reference
CO carbon monoxide
CO2 carbon dioxide
CPP clutch pedal position
CTOX continuous trap oxidizer
CTP closed throttle position
DEPS digital engine position sensor
DFCO decel fuel cut-off mode
DFI direct fuel injection
DLC data link connector
DPF diesel particulate filter
DTC diagnostic trouble code
DTM diagnostic test mode
EBCM electronic brake control module
EBTCM electronic brake traction control module
EC engine control
ECM engine control module
ECL engine coolant level
ECT engine coolant temperature
EEPROM elecrically erasable programmable read only memory
EFE early fuel evaporation
EGR exhaust gas recirculation
EGRT EGR temperature
EI electronic ignition
EM engine modification
EPROM erasable programmable read only memory
ESC electronic stability control EVAP evaporative emission system
FC fan control
FEEPROM flash electrically erasable programmable read only memory
FF flexible fuel
FP fuel pump
FPROM flash erasable programmable read only memory
FT fuel trim
FTP federal test procedure
GCM governor control module
GEN generator
GND ground
H20 water
HO2S heated oxygen sensor
HO2S1 upstream heated oxygen sensor
HO2S2 up or downstream heated oxygen sensor
HO2S3 downstream heated oxygen sensor
HC hydocarbon
HVS high voltage switch
HVAC heating ventilation and air conditioning system
IA intake air
IAC idle air control
IAT intake air temperature
IC ignition control circuit
ICM ignition control module
IFI indirect fuel injection
IFS inertia fuel shutoff
I/M inspection/maintenance
IPC instrument panel cluster
ISC idle speed control
KOEC key on, engine cranking
KOEO key on, engine off
KOER key on, engine running
KS knock sensor
KSM knock sensor module
LTFT long term fuel trim
MAF mass airflow sensor
MAP manifold absolute pressure sensor
MC mixture control
MDP manifold differential pressure
MFI multiport fuel injection
MIL malfunction indicator lamp
MPH miles per hour
MST manifold surface temperature
MVZ manifold vacuum zone
NVRAM nonvolatile randon access memory
NOX oxides of nitrogen
O2S oxygen sensor
OBD onboard diagnostics
OBD I onboard diagnostics generation one
OBD II onboard diagnostics, second generation
OC oxidation catalyst
ODM output device monitor
OL open loop
OSC oxygen sensor storage
PAIR pulsed secondary air injection
PCM powertrain control module
PCV positive crankcase ventilation
PNP park/neutral switch
PROM program read only memory
PSA pressure switch assembly
PSP power steering pressure
PTOX periodic trap oxidizer
RAM random access memory
RM relay module
ROM read only memory
RPM revolutions per minute
SC supecharger
SCB supercharger bypass
SDM sensing diagnostic mode
SFI sequential fuel injection
SRI service reminder indicator
SRT system readiness test
STFT short term fuel trim
TB throttle body
TBI throtle body injection
TC turbocharger
TCC torque converter clutch
TCM transmission or transaxle control module
TFP throttle fluid pressure
TP throttle position
TPS throttle position sensor
TVV thermal vacuum valve
TWC three way caalyst
TWC+OC three way + oxidation catalytic converter
VAF volume airflow
VCM vehicle control module
VR voltage regulator
VS vehicle sensor
VSS vehicle speed sensor
WU-TWC warm up three way catalytic converter
WOT wide open throttle

APPS: Accelerator-Position-Pressure-Sensor (by user request to add)

Please add - there's tons of them - those just off the top of my head for the moment. Delete if you don't think helpful,


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