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97 Chevy S-10 Pickup(manual) - Multiple problems with engine

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New User

Jan 3, 2007, 1:05 AM

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97 Chevy S-10 Pickup(manual) - Multiple problems with engine Sign In

Approximately 3 weeks ago, while I was driving on the freeway, I suddenly lost power and had to pull off the freeway. After me and my dad looking at it, it seems the sparkplug on the 4th cylinder fell out. Seems that whoever owned it before me did a not-so-great job, stripped the threads on the sparkplug AND the cylinder, causing it to get jarred loose over the years.

Anyways, we got a kit, got a sleeve in there, rethreaded, replaced all the sparkplugs, and everything was fine. For a week.

Then, while on the freeway again, I suddenly lost power again. I dropped down to 60-65, and try to nurse my truck to work. But about half way there, out of nowhere everything felt fine. I got my truck to work, did a little around town driving during lunch, and everything seemed fine. On the drive home though(On the freeway), I instantly had problems as soon as I put it into 4th and accelerated. The car started to shake, the gear shift and pedal shaking violently. It felt very much like I was in a high gear driving at low speeds. I barely got it on the freeway and barely got it home. We take it home, hook it up to a friend of my dad's computer, and it says there was a misfire on the 3rd cylinder, a different one from the original problem cylinder.

What was unique about this problem though, was that gears 1-3 were perfectly fine. But as soon as I got any faster then 45'ish, it would shake violently and have no power whatsoever. It took real effort to get it up to 50 or 60.

So, today, my dad replaced all the spark plug wires. The service engine light still stays on, but it still feels *somewhat* fine. But I've noticed it shakes still a bit, not as bad as before, but moreso before I had all these problems. And that in 5th gear, it doesn't accelerate nowhere near as fast as it did before. At least I think so. I was really concentrating on finding any problem or listening for anything outta the ordinary, so it could of been my imagination. Also I've been driving my dad's truck lately, a V-8, far more power then my small pickup. Plus, in 1st and 2nd gear, I'll get a sudden loss in power for half a second, and get a "jerking" motion I associate with driving slowly in a high gear. Thats definately not my imagination.

Anyways, I haven't done any extended high-speed driving. In the country, I was only able to stay at 60+ for about 5 minutes before having to slow down(traffic, stop signs, etc). Tommarow I'm going to drive it to work, and pray that I have no problems.

But if I do, what do you guys think the problem is? My dad is thinking that maybe when I used a fuel injector cleaner about a month and a half it stirred some stuff up in the tank, causing it to "feel weird". That using cleaner fuel(not cheap valero crap), and another fuel cleaner will help with that. Is there anything else mechanical you can think of though that might possibly be the problem? We really can't think of anything else.

New User

Jan 3, 2007, 6:58 PM

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Re: 97 Chevy S-10 Pickup(manual) - Multiple problems with engine Sign In


More problems on the way to work and back from work. On the way to work, everything was fine until I hit about 70, and dropped down a bit. The truck was shaking, and the engine stuttered a lot. When I got off the freeway, it was even worse. Shaking and stuttering.

On the way home, the Service Engine Soon light was blinking, until I got on the freeway. When I got it up past 60, the SES light stopped blinking, but stayed on. It still didn't drive well(more shaking), but it felt better then intown driving.

My dad now thinks its the Fuel Injector. Any other ideas though?

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