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1998 Acura overheating

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M Reilly
New User

Apr 7, 2019, 10:08 AM

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1998 Acura overheating Sign In

Own a 1998 Acura Integra, car overheated recently, added coolant to fill, etc. problem is the antifreeze is "blowing off" (steam,etc) in reservoir when car is turned off. Have to add about 16 oz of coolant/water - runs fine for 30 miles and/or until I stop and then it boils off in reservoir again ...... Looking for suggestions????

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
Tom Greenleaf profile image

Apr 7, 2019, 10:41 AM

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Re: 1998 Acura overheating Sign In

This like most overheating to that point needs some fast checking things are right. First, do fans come on normally or at all. Most will do one if you request A/C, defrost/defog anything too by force - some may not if that's down now for other reasons.
Still they have to come on. Car can't handle low speeds and some not higher speeds either very well without them if not plain cold outside AND moving along.

If you hear this actively boiling and see it barfing away at tank that way too much on the cusp or already to blow something that might not be the cause so hurry with this.
*Pressure test, see if it even holds pressure. If not where is it going?
* Check cap too that it holds pressure. If not just toss it.
Is it leaking even a little anywhere? System can't up to can't hold pressure and must. Hurry to fix that if found already said this is an emergency to fix.

Tests can be run heater if not killing you to do that see if cooling temps are high at floor vents if automatic still on the warm side. If always cold you are clearly low on coolant INSIDE the system and it can't self purge many can't.

It's got to be known truly full of coolant never just at a reservoir that's only when everything is fine not after a problem or one lurking.

Hate to send you out for help but if you can't chase this down either quit driving it or at least have this diagnosed so you know what the problem is. 21-22 years old give or take this age it should have had lots already replaced some even twice like radiator, fans don't really last well that long, think hoses maybe too and a long list.

Problem is if not already you'll blow a head/intake gasket or crack metal, warp metal or damage just too extensive unless this is an unreal cream puff car not another problem with it at all would outcost its value to fix!


M Reilly
New User

Apr 7, 2019, 11:00 AM

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Re: 1998 Acura overheating Sign In

Tom, thank you for quick rely, car is going to my mechanic tomorrow morning, (he also the guy I purchased from 4 years ago) nice clean car, has not been run in winter since I got it (160,000 original miles) I am hopeful for a reasonable fix??

Car has 2 fans, 1 has definitely been running, not sure about the other one, haven't tried running AC. Heater/defrost seems fine. No leaks from hoses and cap noted on my driveway. Appreciate any/all suggestions, gives me some things to discuss with my mechanic tomorrow. Thanks again.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Apr 7, 2019, 11:35 AM

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Re: 1998 Acura overheating Sign In

Great! Getting it checked now could save a fortune if a nice car all around as you say still worth it probably. What happens is any reason a system loses pressure it's going to overheat would be one reason. Water at sea level, 212F less at altitude. Water (don't use just that for explanations only) with 15 PSI of pressure is up to 257F before boiling. Cars run that hot even older than this.
Hot vapor has no power to cool engine so when boiling your radiator isn't enough. Hidden it's glowing hot somewhere - that's the trouble. Alloys first (most engines even plain old) use it doesn't expand and contract so evenly, warps or wrecks gaskets. If kept running on to wild problems blow an engine right up remove all doubts you are in trouble.
Fan operation for radiator and or A/C can be different use one or both or some none if cool enough shut them off. Sorry I can't know every vehicle ever made which is really normal for each. With A/C most work if warm outside at idle even.
Good luck. Hope it's just a silly something like lousy pressure cap that's enough and the list goes on I'll quit now you're doing the right thing let it be diagnosed or fixed there's a lot to check and know all about it,


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