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1994 Geo Metro no start

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New User

Jun 21, 2009, 7:21 PM

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1994 Geo Metro no start Sign In

1994 Geo Metro 1.0L 3cyl. TBI

Ignition system has spark, ignition timing is to mfr. specs., firing order is correct, fuel pressure is 33psi at throttle body.

Unplugged TBI and installed NOID light, cranked engine...NOID does not "light".
0.2 voltage drop from battery positive to injector. 0.2 voltage drop from injector to ECM. (unplugged injector, used test light to load the circuit, tested voltage drop to determine integrity of wiring). I have potential running from B+ all the way to the ECM pin that drives the injector...ECM not driving injector. Vehicle garage kept for two years and ran fine prior to the original engine dropping a valve and knocking a hole through the #3 piston. Replaced long block with 1.0L engine from Japanese import company in California. Did not change intake, exhaust, ignition, fuel or emissions components (all original).

I have verified that the ECM has all of its grounds and have verified B+ at the ECM and also replaced the battery as the original was sulfated.

Checked for codes by counting the flashing SES light...code 12 "no problem found". I do not know why the ECM is not driving the injector and have no way to flash the ECM (and see no way to change PROM chips so I'm guessing it is EEPROM). Could try to find a replacement at a junk yard, but so far no luck. Could send it out to have it repaired, but do not know if there is anything wrong with it anyway. Running out of ideas and can use some guidance please. Thank you.

Veteran / Moderator

Jun 22, 2009, 7:11 PM

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Re: 1994 Geo Metro no start [In reply to] Sign In

Looks like you've done a pretty through job. I see where you have potenial voltage at the PCM. But am unclear if you acually loaded the power circuit. A test light will load a circuit but you will draw some current on that circuit. On higher current circuits I use a headlight to load them.

If I read that right it ran until you swapped motors? Does it run on carb clean?

From the tests you've run it almost looks like a PCM. I suppose it is possible for the PCM to go but I sure would be going over all those grounds again and the PCM does have more that 1 power input......Yea it would be nice to have a good tester....huh...


New User

Jun 22, 2009, 7:41 PM

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Re: 1994 Geo Metro no start [In reply to] Sign In this point I have unplugged the connectors to the ECM and performing voltage drop tests on each circuit to verify the wiring is good. So far everything is okay which makes me believe that the issue is either the ECM itself or perhaps something that the ECM is looking for is not there, i.e. a sensor unplugged, damaged or something. However, I am also flying blind here so-to-speak since I have no service manual either, just the wiring diagram I had gotten from Alldata back when I bought the thing. I could really use some info as to the description and operation of this particular vehicle's TBI fuel system and ECM. If the ECM is looking for something that is not there I may have solved this riddle, kinda like having no spark due to an unplugged cam sensor. Without any info regarding what this particular system requires before driving the injector I'm just taking shots in the dark. I considered anti-theft system perhaps disabling the injector driver, but this is a bare bones GEO Metro with absolutely no "bells and whistles" so I highly doubt there to be any sophisticated theft deterrent.

Veteran / Moderator

Jun 23, 2009, 6:43 PM

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Re: 1994 Geo Metro no start [In reply to] Sign In

Yea you really need a good data source. The one plus is the vehicle is older, may check out library. Autozone has some info but I don't think it's as indepth as you need.

The system uses a crank sensor for the pulse but it also trigger the ignitor & you said you had spark. You could use your diagram & check the wire going to the ECM to be totally sure.

If you still have the old motor, try swapping distributors.......The crank sensor is inside the distributor....


(This post was edited by Sidom on Jun 23, 2009, 6:44 PM)

New User

Jun 23, 2009, 8:49 PM

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Re: 1994 Geo Metro no start [In reply to] Sign In

Same distributor. The new engine did not come with one. Very elusive problem.

1994 Geo Metro no start

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