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1990 Chevy Pickup Truck 350 engine. Havinf fuel problems

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Apr 7, 2008, 12:08 PM

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1990 Chevy Pickup Truck 350 engine. Havinf fuel problems Sign In

Please if anyone can answer I would great appreciate it!!! The truck is a 1990 Chevy Pickup 1/2 ton, 350, V8, 5.7L. I was working on the truck because it had an oil leak. So I put a brand new intake gasket and valve cover gaskets on the truck. That did not fix the oil leak it seemed to be worse. I pulled the engine and replaced the rear main ceal. In doing this I broke the plug to the throttle control sensor, the pvc valve, and the EGR vacuum. When putting the motor back in I put a new EGR vacuum and a new pvc valve on the truck. I bought a pig tail and replaced the plug for the throttle contol sensor. Now that the engine is back into the truck, everything hooked back up, the truck will not crank unless being primed. The truck is fuel injected. We have rebuilt the trottle body completely. New jets, gaskets, and spring. We have replace the distributor, which comes with the ECM. We have also replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump. The truck still will not start with pouring gas into the trottle bottle and then when it is running the jets spray a good mist then go to a very low mist and the engine dies down, then it sprays a good mist and dies down. It will not spray a constant mist like it is suppose to. Can anyone please tell me what we may be missing. What could be wrong with the fuel. Also with the oil leak. It is still leaking oil from the back of the engine. It runnings down the side of the transmission over the starter and onto the ground. Thanks for any help given.



Apr 8, 2008, 12:22 PM

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Re: 1990 Chevy Pickup Truck 350 engine. Havinf fuel problems [In reply to] Sign In

oil pressure sending unit is leaking. also most likely a bad fuel pressure regulator or improper vacuum to it. vacuum should be manifold vac, not other words the hose to it should come from the intake manifold not the throttle body.

1990 Chevy Pickup Truck 350 engine. Havinf fuel problems

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