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1989 p30 with 454 wont start

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Sep 30, 2022, 12:13 PM

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1989 p30 with 454 wont start Sign In

1989 Chevy p30 motorhome with 7.4L 454ci 4bbl carb new starter new battery wont start any help would be great

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Sep 30, 2022, 3:24 PM

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Re: 1989 p30 with 454 wont start Sign In

Hmmm - should be easy check as you can if no spark or fuel. An engine w carb that sits (right?) for a time dries out carb, needle valve sticks shut is one.

Save the whole book on it also inside HEI distributors is a 2 small bolt module, just count wires see if any rubbed bare or grounded inside from rubbing as they move some.

Fix wire if so. If no spark (would be the problem) toss that thing, bring that one with you match it up, a few different ones out there.

For fuel if suspect be careful see if starting fluid will make it react. May need to hole front choke (4v carbs) open DO NOT DROP ANYTHING IN THERE!

Common issue is front pull off vacuum thing doesn't work they flood out also possible and likely! Diaphragms give out floods engine.

At some point so flooded need to take plugs out let it dry out if so.

Plugs will not air dry well your call if the issue a toaster oven or toss them for new DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THAT TYPE!

Even techs are/were intimidated by Quadrajets are great have common problems lots are choke doesn't pull off (cracks the front plate up top) open a bit it needs some air quickly if none it floods hopelessly.

If you have a hand held vacuum pistol thing test front "pull off" it's called can't be that old and still good should hold vacuum indefinitely use it to see choke plate open if not played with the setting is where it was or if new installed (bring old one) use drill bits a guess is ~1/4" a bit large is ok when it pulls choke plate open the drill bit is measuring how much a gap it makes don't drop that either!

Normal for this low use is two starts the first stalls lacking fuel in bowl evaporated second try it should have fuel in bowl?

Great carbs, fussy things are just that - fussy with adjustments only when called for - not yet,

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