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1987 firebird 2.8L wont start

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Oct 12, 2019, 12:40 PM

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  post locked   1987 firebird 2.8L wont start  

1987 Pontiac Firebird 2.8L with only 108000 miles.7 years ago car ran like a dream then performance slowly started to go away. Wife had the converter checked and removed, replaced with straight pipe. Performance then returned to normal. about a year later performance started to deteriorate again. had a bad fuel pump and ignition coil failed. replaced it. Performance returned but this time for only a short time. Replaced fuel pump second time and performance never recovered.
current day 10-12-19
car has sat for 6 years so here is what has been done this week. #1.fuel Tank removed and derusted.#2. new fuel pump installed. currently have 41 psi at fuel rail.#3. checked for spark, spark tester showing better that 30,000 volts. #4. have spark at plugs.#5. new fuel filter. #6. removed ignition module from dist for testing. passed test. while i was in there i replaced pickup coil because wire connector fell apart in my hand.
#7. removed cold start injector on rear of intake.. have excellent fuel pattern and lots of pressure. #8. plugs and wires are only 6 years old with hardly any miles on them.
#9. I have injector pulse on 4 of the injectors that i checked.
#10. dropped steering column, checked for ignition switch issues. all looks good. no melted wires or anything wrong. #11. new battery and starter installed.

So now here is the rest of the story. Randomly if you crank the engine it will in fact fire and run for 1 second. I have determined that if you hold the key in the start position it seems to what to continue stay running until you let go. I have only done that twice as i dont want to tear up a new starter. Again this is only random. Most times if you just crank it wants to start, you can hear combustion happening in the exhaust but it will not hit. If while cranking you mash the throttle to clear flood mode combustion noise goes away. I have unplugged every sensor on there and replugged and to no avail, it WILL NOT START. So what am i missing? thanks

Hammer Time
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Oct 12, 2019, 12:49 PM

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  post locked   Re: 1987 firebird 2.8L wont start  

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