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Reocurring Code 442

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New User

Jul 18, 2008, 6:50 PM

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Reocurring Code 442 Sign In

Have a problem with a reoccurring Check Engine Light Code PO 442 >> Evaporative Emission Control Leak Detected (small). Vehicle is a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport 4WD V6 4L Engine (X) Automatic transmission History of the problem: 6/12/2008 159035 miles Engine started to over heat. Had vehicle towed to repair shop. Found empty radiator & coolant in oil Engine was running ok, no misfire or smoke out the tailpipe. No sign of a coolant leak. Had a Jasper Remanufactured engine installed. 6/19/2008 Pickup the vehicle from the repair shop. Started having Check Engine Light. Code 442 6/27/2008 159,376 miles >> Check Engine Light Code PO 442 >> Evaporative Emission Control Leak Detected (Small Leak) Emission Valve replaced by Spare Tir ed near spare tire LOF 7/1/2008 155,553 miles >> Check Engine Light Code PO-442 Again. Replaced Another Emission Valve, Vapor Canister & a hose. 7/5/2008 159,766 miles>> Check Engine Light again. Code PO-442 again. 7/6/2008 159,796 miles >> Replaced Fuel Cap & Cleared Code. 7/9/2008 159,946 miles >> Code PO-442 Again, but no Check Engine Light yet. 7/10/2008 159,988 miles >> Check Engine Light on again. Every half tank gas and Check Engine Light Comes on. The shop has performed the smoke test, replacing leaking parts. Emission Parts so far installed: Canister Vent Solenoid Hose Canister Vent Solenoid Vapor Canister Evaporative Emission Dust Separator Canister Purge Valve 7/11/2008 160,048 miles >> Replace Fuel Vapor Management Valve under battery. No charge this time. 7/14/2008 160,166 miles >> Check Light Code 442 again. 7/16/20008 Time for another smoke test. Now they say it may need a new filler tube and if this does not fix it a fuel tank. Smoke Tested ok. No filler tube or tank. 160,280 miles >> Replaced Fuel Pressure Sensor. Picked up vehicle on 07/17/2008 7/18/2008
160,340 miles >> Code PO 442, but no Check Engine Light Yet!
Sorry for the long list, been trying to keep track of everything.
Has anyone come accross this problem before, Hard to believe that all these parts go bad at the same time. Any ideas on what
we may be misssing. Tried of taking vehicle to the shop.

dave284 profile image

Jul 20, 2008, 8:32 AM

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Re: Reocurring Code 442 Sign In

The fuel pressure sensor was bad at the start and all the the other repairs wasn't needed, thats the trouble with these emission problems, they are very had to find, even with test equipment it still can leave you scratching your head, but I would talk with the people who done the work about all the parts that didn't fix the problem that wasn't needed, cause you shouldn't have to pay for that or at least half of it should be refunded back to you.

New User

Jul 20, 2008, 7:28 PM

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Re: Reocurring Code 442 Sign In

Thanks for the reply Dave284.
Fuel Pressure sensor did not repair the code.
Picked my Explorer up on 07/17/2008 from the repair shop.
On 07/18/2008 at 160,340 miles another code PO442.
Check engine light came on the next morning on the way to work.
Repair shop said it tested ok before I pick it up.
Thinking about putting tape on Check Engine Light, LOL
But can't do that because it would not pass the E-Check.
Back to the Shop.

Veteran / Moderator
way2old profile image

Jul 21, 2008, 4:42 AM

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Re: Reocurring Code 442 Sign In

Check the evap vent hose that runs off the emissions cannister. These are constantly getting road debris and spider's nest built up in them and causing that code to trip. Also check connections at the purge solenoid to be sure there is not a small leak there.

Being way2old is why I need help from younger minds

(This post was edited by way2old on Jul 21, 2008, 4:43 AM)

New User

Jul 21, 2008, 6:01 AM

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Re: Reocurring Code 442 Sign In

Thanks Way2old for the reply.
Vent hose and both solenoids in the evap system have been replaced.
Correctly is my question now .
Taking my vehicle to a diffrent repair shop this afternoon.
(Dealer this time) Hopefully they can find the problem.
Thanks again, will post if the Dealership repair shop can fix it.

New User

Jul 22, 2008, 12:33 PM

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Re: Reocurring Code 442 Sign In

Picked my vehicle up from the Dealership today (07/22/2008).
They checked the repairs from the other repair shop, smoke tested the system and found the filler pipe leaking.Unsure. Had them replace the filler pipe. Oh the cost!!!!...Crazy
Do not know if this was the problem from the start or if it was cracked during the Fuel pressure sensor install.
No way of knowing.
Have put a 120 miles on it today and no codes yet. Hopefully it is fixed. Will keep scanner in the vehicle and
check off & on.

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