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CEL ligt on

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Apr 27, 2016, 7:03 PM

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CEL ligt on Sign In

Hi all new here.
Recently got a 1994 F150, 5.0, been sitting fkr about 3-4 years, still prety good shape as previous owner undercoated it till it sat. Neede some minor mechanical repairs brakes etc. Got it running as son as i got it home (floated it) it needed a power sterring box replaced to be started, and battery. Here didnt seem to be any fuel in it or very little from the gauge reading. I put a bottle of fuel dry, octane boos and two bottles of gas line antifreeze vefore i put half of a jerry can of fuel in it. With a little quick start hadit running on its own. After running for a bit the CEL ligt came on, ive had battery disconnectex several times and light keeps coming back on se├žonds after I start it. Pullex codes a seems to indicate 122. The throttle hax slightly seized and I worked it fred beford gdtfng started. Shouldnt have affected tps should it? Tps is on the bottom of the throttle bodxy on this motor with coolant lines attached to throttle body. I have a used one to try.

Tom Greenleaf
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Apr 27, 2016, 11:01 PM

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Re: CEL ligt on Sign In

Please try to work on the English and spell check.

I get the idea - a vehicle sat and you added too much junk in the fuel that wouldn't likely help but SeaFoam (not too much) might.
You've unhooked battery enough codes for this I don't really trust but fine to chase down TPS sender and plug to it.

You can just use an OHM meter and watch it sweep smoothly while engine off and moving throttle cable from idle to full throttle and watch. There may be two TPS types used and color coded inside so use the same color if you do swap them and do know you've put it on properly by feel of spingy action.
Throttle cable can stick usually where it's enclosed in spring right there in sight. Lube it with PB perhaps then WD-40 or something.
Physical cable sticking and now question fuel itself at the age of the fuel. Uses a large fuel filter worth changing and yet again later if you choose or can burn out the old fuel or may need to dump it all and clean out fuel system sooner or later? You can dump fuel filter into a glass jar to see how lousy it may look.
Hey - no fuel dryers if anything fuel solvents and only a couple can help or the stuff you used will just make it worse,


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