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00 crown vic wont accelerate past 30

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Jul 5, 2012, 2:18 PM

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Hello. I have a 00 crown vic pc 4.6 with about 201000 miles. the problem is while accelerating car won't go past 30 mph. If I lightly tap on pedal it will accelerate slowly but car will buck and surge like its backfiring. If I were to hit pedal hard car will act like its choking. Thing is once I drive car for awhile the problem goes away. It's like once temp gauge hit normal operating temp problem disappears til I start car again. Car is sucking up gas. Problem started when the rear driver side tire blew out on highway goin 70-75 mph. Once nee tire was on I tired driving off shoulder and car wouldn't go past 30 mph. I remembered I had left emergency brake on. So immediately tow truck came and got car and towed to closest town. I thought I had messed up transmission but shop said that wasn't the problem. They charged me 1500 for rear fuel injectors. Drove car to next town it ran perfect fine. 30 minutes later car started acting up again in town. Three months later car is still doin same thing had three mechanics look at it but can't find problem. I replaced fuel pump fuel filter just before car started acting up I had spark plugs and boots, air filter replaced. Oil change. Thought maybe water in tank so use stp fuel cleaner to no avail. Just tried seafoam no change. I cleaned the maf. Checked pcv. Replaced mechanic remove cat sensorsaand drove car but no change. Checked throttl body and it wasn't too dirty. Cleaned little bit up. Checked for air leaks couldn't find any. I am really at a lost right now and I'm sick and tired of this problem but I'm not fed up enough to get ripped off by any other shop. I would like to get to bottom of problem and fix it. I would really really appreciate any help. Thank u. Almost forgot I have a cel code p0420.

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Jul 6, 2012, 5:03 PM

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Did you replaced the Cat with an OEM part-some aftermarket C/C don't work too well-Refer to this link for more information on P0420:

00 crown vic wont accelerate past 30

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