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STOP BrakeLight Fuse Blowing

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Jun 24, 2019, 10:52 AM

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STOP BrakeLight Fuse Blowing Sign In

2005 Toyota Sienna
The 10A STOP fuse is blown, replaced twice, still it blows. So I have to use the override switch to put the car in gear.

What do you think is the most likely cause is:
Bad bulb
Bad Brake Light Switch
Wiring near the switch causing a short?
Wiring near the light assembly causing a short?

Or somethings else.

I realize 'something else' is complicated. But with limited time, wondering what you think might be the first and likely thing?

Thanks Much

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Jun 24, 2019, 11:06 AM

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Re: STOP BrakeLight Fuse Blowing Sign In

There is a few things that can cause this.

An easy way to check for shorts is to get a bulb style test light (no LEDs) Hook the wire clip to ground, pull the problem fuse and touch both terminals. One will have power (12v) and one will not. Make a note on which one has power and which one doesn't.

Now take the test light clip off the ground and hook it onto the positive battery terminal (or other good 12v source) and touch any piece of metal or good ground and the light should light up...... Ok, now go back to the fuse box and touch the fuse terminal that didn't have any power (12v) on it..... If the light lights up (and it will) this means there is a short in this circuit. Go to the farthest end of the circuit, in this case the lights, and start disconnect loads (lights, switches, etc) one at a time, If the light goes out, that load is the short or the short is up stream from that load....

It's really pretty basic and can save you some money by not throwing parts it..

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