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92 Caviler wont run

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Apr 28, 2005, 10:20 AM

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HI I've got a 92 caviler that wont run. At first I thought that the ignition module had went out by the way the guy said it would go down the road and start cutting out. So I have replaced the module and still nothing. So now Ive got spark. So I checked the fuel pressure got 42 lbs at the rail, so I got fuel.Thing still wont run. I've changed the fuel injectors, the crank sensor, and the ecm. Still nothing! Found fuel injectors are not firing. I can spray starting fluid in the air intake and the car will run. So I know its in the injectors. Can someone please tell me what wire would be the ground wire for the injectors. Because I have power going to the injectors so there not getting a ground signal,and i'm not sure which wire is the ground for the injectors or where does the ground signal come from? Or does anyone have any idea why this car will not run.

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Apr 28, 2005, 12:10 PM

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The fuel injectors are gang fired on this system, which mean that they are all fired at the same time.
You said you had power to the injectors and if my wiring diagram is correct that should be the pink/black wire.
The other wire is a bark blue wire again if this diagram is correct and it goes to a splice somewhere inside the harness that ties the four wires to one and then goes direct to the ECM.
The ECM controls the path to ground through what they call a driver, this driver is built into the ECM.
With all the things you say you’ve changed it may be an open in that blue wire somewhere between the injectors and the ECM.
What you could do is unplug the 24 terminal plug at the ECM, it maybe labeled with an A on one side and a B on the other. This blue wire should be at A5, or just look for the blue wire it’ll be five sockets from one of the ends.
Unplug all the injectors and then connect an ohmmeter between the ECM plug and any one of the injectors blue wires, you should have no more then 5 to 10 ohm resistance.
One other thing you could try is reconnect the injectors turn the key to the run position and then with the ECM still disconnected momentarily with a jumper wire connect the blue wire at the ECM plug to a known good ground. Listen or look to see if the injectors are firing.
Don’t leave the jumper wire connected you’ll burn out the injectors, just quickly tap the jumper to ground.
Hope I made some form of sense with what I said, Let me know what you find.

Canadian "EH"

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