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86 Camry no headlights need help

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Jul 9, 2005, 1:02 PM

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86 Camry no headlights need help Sign In

I have an 86 Camry I bought from a neighbor last year.
Has over 350k miles now.
The heater/blower motor fan was seized.
I decided to change it since I was having to replace the alternator (2003 rebuilt). I have an 82 in my driveway in need of a tranny and its turned out to be a marvelous parts car. Anyway I pulled the 82 blower motor and put it in the 86. After I turned the car off (with A/C on) the CB popped for the A/c located in the passenger side footwell. I replaced it and the A/C has been working great. But headlights wont work now. I checked all the fuses and swapped the relay in the box under the hood. Still nothing.
I am thinking maybe there is something I didnt plug back in or plugged in wrong? Is there a plug or connection in the passenger footwell that would affect the headlights?
Was it replacing the alternator in the 86 with a ND (appears to be factory part) with an 82? Looks basically the same. Napa lists both years with same P/N
Of note: emergency flashers and windshield washer are also not working now. Directional and parking lights do work.

There are two relays and a CB on the fusebox in the driverside footwell.
What are they for? Changed the relay on the right and the CB - no change. The one on the left wasnt the same for me to match with spare parts car.
Noticed horn doesn't work either.
Anybody know which fuseable link would affect all my symptoms? There re so many on this car.

Ok- have determined that the relay I didnt swap out is the actual headlight relay.
getting one today. Wish me luck!

No luck

Was it something I said?
No responses.
is there anybody out there?

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Aug 4, 2005, 4:03 PM

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Re: 86 Camry no headlights need help Sign In

Have you tried taking out the CB to see if the lights come back on? Maybe the CB is causes a short somewhere between the the headlights and the fusepanel.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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